Volume 5 ~ Issue 3, (2023)

Predicting Stock Price Movement Using Sentiment Analysis and CandleStick Chart Representation
Dr Chetanpal Singh
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Predicting stock price movement is an important topic of academic interest. Due to challenges of traditional methods in predicting stock price movement perdition we address this challenge by using machine learning which can use valuable near real-time information from social media platforms. We investigate whether models using machine learning algorithms can predict stock price movement with accuracy. We developed a comprehensive machine learning model and validated with real-world application using data collected from Yahoo Finance on five high-demand stocks from the United States: Apple, Tesla, IBM, Amazon, and Google. An experiment of deep neural network implementation in the stock investment comprises technical indicators, sentiment, and candlestick to predict the stock price. Using Twitter data, we offer a sentiment analysis and time series data transformed into the candlestick chart so that patterns can be elucidated. The step is followed in the candlestick chart for the prediction of stock price for a period of 10- days. We achieve the most favourable performance on AAPL stock with 75.38% accuracy over 10-day period and less favourable performance for the IBM stock with 51.26% accuracy over a period of 4 days. Also, our model was able to achieve the most balanced results for TSLA stock with 79.59% recall, 71.86% accuracy, 73.58% F-score and 68.42% precision over a period of 10-days. We demonstrate operational value of deep learning approach by showing that stock price movement can be predicted over a short period by using Twitter data, considering multichannel collaborative network, candlestick chart as well as sentiment analysis.

Author Keywords:- stock price prediction; machine learning, deep learning neural network; sentiment analysis; candlestick chart; Twitter.

Participant Observation as Research Methodology: Assessing the Defects of Qualitative Observational Data as Research Tools
Cordelia Beauty Uwamusi, Adekunle Ajisebiyawo
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This paper surveys the defects of qualitative observational research methods, with special reference to participant observation. It aims at showing that participant observation is inherently limited in some regards and that the advantages of this methodology though numerous; which beholds on the researchers that it should not be discountenanced as a defect form of scientific inquiry. Observational research methodology is best described as a research method by which the researcher encounters his or her sample population through a passive position, precisely through observing the interactions of the sample while remaining apart from the behavioural decisions made by the individual or the group. Nevertheless, the observer is purposefully monitoring the sample population and is seeking to identify the frequency of specific behaviours or outcomes. It is hereby established that a researcher who is engaged in observational methodologies cannot simultaneously realize an unbiased observational outcome while also using his or her own subjective powers of observation to watch the desired behaviours and interactions to take. This thus resolved the long time ‘’unresolved identity crisis’’ within the literature in qualitative analysis.

Author Keywords:-qualitative participant observation, behavioral decision, research methodology, subjective powers of observation

Analyzing the Asymmetric Effect of Exchange Rate on International Trade Performance: The Role of Oil Price in Nigeria
Samod O. Lawal-Arogundade, Lateef O. Salami, Lloyd A. Amaghionyeodiwe
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The relationship between trade balance and exchange rate has been thoroughly studied over time, and the discussion has remained popular among academics and decision-makers. This discourse, however, is far from settled, particularly in light of the newly proposed nonlinear theory of how exchange rates affect trade balance. This study thus broadens this dialogue on the relationship between the trade balance and exchange rate by taking into account the unique features of the economy under investigation, using the nonlinear ARDL model. Using secondary data, this method was used to demonstrate that currency depreciation's potential for boosting trade performance can be enhanced further by changes in oil prices.

Author Keywords:-Trade Performance; Exchange Rate; nonlinear ARDL; Asymmetric; Oil price; Nigeria

Predictive Maintenance Policies of Tita B’s Refilling Station and Its Impact to Manufacturing System
Delfa G. Castilla, M.A.Ed, Fel Ellen Grace B. Almagro, Patrianne Kaye Casas, Rupert James Casas, Carmel Kaye Lao
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Maintenance is a key to corporate success. This study studied three machines at Tita B's Water Refilling Station in P.J. Almendras St., Danao City's failure mode and manufacturing system effects. It also lists the business's equipment, useful life and age, each machine's FMEA, preventative maintenance procedures, run-to-failure, and which units can be configured for rule-based maintenance. FMEA qualitative research collected these variables: Tita B's Water Refilling Station Failure Mode and Effect, the machines it uses, their age, useable life, preventive maintenance plan, run-to-failure, and rule-based predictive maintenance machine. Tita B's Water Refilling Station, a family business that offers pure water, is managed by Mr. Lucio Bentecil. The investigation found age three machines at Tita B's Water Refilling Station to be good. The Failure Mode and Effect Analysis of these three machines gave Reverse Osmosis Membrane the highest Risk Priority Number. Tita B's Water Refilling Station had quarterly preventive maintenance. Every three months, backwash filters are cleaned, repaired, or replaced. Failure Mode and Effect Analysis data shows that RO membranes and storage tanks can be designed with rule-based (corrective) maintenance. The reverse osmosis membrane is the most prone to fail, resulting in higher maintenance expenses and reduced productivity.

Author Keywords:-Machine FMEA, Maintenance practices, Preventive maintenance, Productivity

How with the decisions of the governments of Prime-Ministers Sergey Stanishev 2009 and Boyko Borisov 2010, giving private land a concession for 35 years, they tried to steal private land of the "Principality of Dobrev Halachev" assisted by the judges of the Supreme Administrative Court G.Matejska, T Petrov, St. Slavov, Y. Konstantinov, F. Naydenova, M. Dimitrova, Bl. Lipcheva, St. Kemalova, and failed 5 billion USD investments, and losses for 15 billion USD, supported by the prosecutor's office and the court, by the USA , by the European Union and the Commission and the European Court of Human Rights! - Genocide of law, justice and its mafiotization - there is no RULE OF LAW in Bulgaria! It is the turn of the UN Human Rights Council to prove whether it serves this mafia?!?!
Prince Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev, Princess Lady Prof. Mariola Garibova-Dobreva
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Lord prof PhD PhD Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev and Prof. Mariola Garibova-DObreva developed 2006 "Theory of degree of democracy" and "Theory of degree of justice/injustice/" based on their practice in court, prosecutor's office, state. Since 2003, Prof. Momchil Dobrev has been creating the Theory of Corruption, "Theory of the Mafia, "Theory of Mafiaism", "Financial Banking Resource Technological Mafiosoted Materialism" and based on their practice they prove that in Bulgaria there is rule of law and that the Mafia rules as the court , the prosecutor's office, the state in Bulgaria. Prince Lord Prof. Momchil Dobrev in relation to his fight with this mafia even after 9 attempts to kill him and his family since 2011, he will continue to fight this mafia

Author Keywords:-Genocide, law, mafia, corruption, theory, finance.

Study of Tidal Inundation and Shade on Different Sediment Substrates on the Growth of Rizophora Mucronata Mangrove Saplings in the Management of Coastal Water Resources in Sinjai Regency
Budiman Yunus, Basse Siang Parawansa
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It is time for the urgency of mangrove vegetation for coastal water resources in Indonesia to become a serious concern in rehabilitating mangrove ecosystems which have been increasingly degraded due to heavy exploitation over the past three decades. In several densely populated coastal areas of Indonesia, mangrove vegetation and estuary areas have turned into residential and industrial locations, agricultural areas, recreational centers and harbor wharves. As a result of all this, it creates a negative impact that is no longer able to be offset by the natural growth of the mangrove itself. Based on these environmental problems, it is necessary to study the sediment substrate, the duration of inundation and shade, and their effects on budding and tiller height, as well as the survival of Rhizophora mucronata. From this study, using factorial group design analysis, the results showed that R. mucronata seedlings showed better germination, growth and survival rates on clay-clay substrate conditions with shading and flooding 7 hours/day, whereas on loamy sand substrates without shade with 3 hours/day of inundation showed a low rate of germination and growth and survival. The results of this study provide important information in the management of mangrove ecosystems, especially in the selection of mangrove seedlings in silvofishery ponds in the east coast of Sinjai Regency.

Author Keywords:-Management, Ecosystem, Mangrove, Rhizophora, Silvofishery.

Effectiveness and Usefulness of Student Worksheets as Secondary Social Studies Teaching Resource
Aicel A. Bunglo, Marie Fe D. de Guzman
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This study determined the effectiveness and usefulness of the proposed Worksheets in Studies (Araling Panlipunan) 10-Contemporary Issues in public secondary schools of Zone 2, DepEd Schools Division Zambales, Philippines school year 2021-2022. The study used descriptive research design and utilized a survey questionnaire as the main instrument for data collection. Results revealed that the academic performance of the students in Studies 10-Contemporary issues during the 3rd Quarter was Approaching Proficiency and improved to Proficient during the 4th Quarter after the utilization of the developed worksheets. Based on the review and appraisal of the Social Studies teacher-evaluators, the developed Worksheets are useful in terms of Practicality. The ANOVA computation results revealed that there is a significant difference in the appraised level of usefulness of Worksheets. The Pearson r Correlation computation established a significant difference between the students’ academic performances during the 3rd and 4th Quarters. The t-Test of relationship computation showed no significant relationship between the students’ 4th quarter academic performance and the usefulness of the Worksheets. An enhanced Worksheet for AP10-Contemporary Issues was developed based on the result of review and appraisal of the material.

Author Keywords:-Teaching Resource, Student Worksheets, Effectiveness, Usefulness, Secondary Schools, Social Studies.

The Power of Dialogue. Uncovering the ‘Great’ Questions that Drive Progress for Leaders and Policy Makers
Chris D Beaumont, Darrell Berry, John Ricketts
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Effective leadership involves not only having the right answers but also asking the right questions of the right people. Rather than relying solely on monologues, the best leaders stimulate conversations and prioritize key narratives by tracking societal sentiment. In the wake of the pandemic, leaders must ask themselves authentic questions to demonstrate leadership during a time of unprecedented change and transformation. This update from our Virtual Living Lab explores how we can track what people feel is important and engage with existing narratives that are helping to shape our world and lives amidst this maelstrom of change. This paper investigates how individuals are asking existential questions of themselves to regenerate their lives after the pandemic, with a focus on comparing the situations in the UK and Japan to explicitly consider culture. For leaders to be authentic, they must also engage in this self-reflection, or risk coming across as shallow and inauthentic.

Author Keywords:-Narratives, Uncertainty, Leadership, Questions, Well-Being, Transformational, Engagement, Empowerment, Authentic

The Impact of Crude oil Price and Exchange Rate on Economic Growth in Nigeria for the Period of 1981 To 2020
Atoyebi Kehinde .O., Otsaki Dennis, Usman D. I., Ogunsona-Abari Titilola, Nicodemus Gilbert Fiberesima
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This study investigates the impact of oil price and exchange rate on economic growth in Nigeria over the period from 1980 - 2020. Crude oil price (COP), Exchange rate (EXR), and inflation rate (INFL) were used as independent variables while real gross domestic product (RGDP) was used as the dependent variable. Annual time series data on our targeted variables were obtained from secondary sources including the Central Bank of Nigeria annual statistical bulletin, and World Bank development indicators. The Eview9 Statistical Software was employed to analyze the data empirically. The Unit root test shows that oil price, exchange rate and real gross domestic product are all stationary after first difference I(1) while inflation rate was stationary at level I(0). The data were analyzed using the Autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL). The results of the ARDL estimates indicate that crude oil price and exchange rate have significant positive impact on economic growth in both the long-run and the short-run periods. The findings suggest that crude oil price and exchange rate which are the focal points of the study, could affect economic growth in both the long-run and the short-run. Hence, whenever oil price falls below the threshold, there is a negative effect on the country’s economic growth. The study recommends amongst others that the federal government of Nigeria should come up with stringent measures that will guard against oil bunkering and other thefts in order to boost oil production which would in turn increase real gross domestic product (economic growth) in Nigeria.

Author Keywords:-Crude Oil Price, Exchange Rate, Economic Growth, Nigeria.

Defining the Social Mission: A Social Enterprises Perspective
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Purpose: The purpose of this study is to create a meaningful definition of a social mission of an organization. The complexity of the environment in which a social enterprise operates takes effect on understanding the social mission. The social missions, value proposition and organizational motivations cause effect on the definition of the social mission. Design / Methodology: Semi -Structured interviews were used to develop a descriptive phenomenological interpretation of the data. Case study of Women Impact Trust in Marondera was purposefully selected due to its works. These were supported by document research of the organization, in which all organization documents were collected and analyzed. Findings: Through the lenses of investigations, observations and analysis, the case study research showed that the social mission was vaguely reflected. It was discovered that it wasn’t specific and lack of specifications means lack of sustainability. The document research of the organization lacked clarity between social mission and purpose. Acknowledgement: Special thank you to Ms Sakina for her actively participation during the research. Acknowledgement goes to Woman Impact as an organization for giving the researcher an opportunity to study their organization. Mr Stanford Chabayanzara, the facilitator at Gideon Robert University for his unwavering support. The Depart of Business Studies Staff at Gideon Robert University for all the support and guidance they gave the researcher.

Author Keywords:-social vision, social missions social impact mission value proposition, shared values.

An Exposition of the Prophetic Ministry and Veracity of Muhammad in the Line of Prophets
John Musa Aikoye PhD
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Against the backdrop of differing contestations on the nature of Islam due to the actions of some extremist sects, what can be said of prophets and prophesy today? This is an important aspect of religion especially of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Religion has certain positions and roles considered to be exclusively from God. One of such is the office and position of a prophet. Many persons claim to be prophets in today’s contemporary world. This articles is set to examine Muhammad as a Prophet of Islamic religion. Many persons especially non-Muslims know Muhammad to be the founder of Islamic religion but fall short of examining his prophetic role. Is he really a prophet and if he is, did he work like other prophets? The two major contentions in this work therefore are: (1) to discover how he is a prophet like those of revealed religions before him and (2) if he worked like them. Prophets as seen in Judaism and Christianity which has same roots with Islamic religion are people chosen by God to convey messages to the people, rebuke evil activities, and direct the people towards authentic moral and spiritual life. Indeed, they are God’s mouth piece. In this article, the concept “prophet” will be examined as well as the qualities of a prophet. The life and teachings of Muhammad as an historical figure will be presented and how he is a true prophet of God like prophets before him shall be analysed. The article will end with an evaluation and conclusion.

Author Keywords:-Prophet, Muhammad, Islam, Muslim, Religion