Volume 6 ~ Issue 4, (2024)

Azis Nur Alamsyah, Tri Septin Muji Rahayu
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This study explores the influence of flash sales, free shipping taglines, discounts, and hedonic shopping motivation on impulsive buying decisions on Shopee. The subjects of the research are students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto. The sample was collected using a purposive sampling method, with a total sample size of 100 individuals. Data analysis was conducted using multiple linear regression. The results of the study indicate that 1) flash sales do not have a significant influence on impulsive buying, 2) the "free shipping" tagline has a significant positive influence on impulsive buying, 3) price discounts do not have a significant influence on impulsive buying, and 4) hedonic shopping motivation has a significant positive influence on impulsive buying.

Author Keywords:- Flash Sale, "Free Shipping" Tagline, Price Discounts, Hedonic Shopping Motivation

Arief Prabowo Sukoco, Bambang Suhardi, Eko Pujiyanto
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Low work motivation and lack of employee performance cause poor public services in the Magetan regional government. One of the contributing factors is additional employee income (AEI) is unfair. Thus, this research develops a model for providing additional employee income which refers to the 2022 Magetan Regent Regulation. This research uses a mixed method with qualitative and quantitative integration. This model considers four assessment factors, namely workload, working conditions, work performance, and professional scarcity. The research results show an increase of 27% in the proposed AEI compared to the existing AEI. The proposed AEI not only considers class and position aspects but also the daily activities of each employee. The urgency of this research is to provide the best model to calculate the AEI and encourage employees to continue to achieve optimal performance, especially at the Magetan Regency Transportation Service.

Author Keywords:- additional employee income, performance, employee

An Overview of Neuromarketing Strategy Applied by Marketers as a Marketing Tool
Khayrul Alam
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Neuromarketing focuses primarily on brain activities, comprehending consumers' subconscious minds, elucidating their preferences, motivations, and expectations, and forecasting their behavior. Therefore, neuromarketing is the study of how people's brains respond to advertising and other brand-related messages by scientifically monitoring brainwave activity, eye tracking, and skin response. It involves measuring physiological and neural impulses to gain insight into customers' motivations, preferences, and choices. This paper aims to scrutinize neuromarketing strategies applied by marketers as a marketing tool in marketing management and figure out how to deal with them. This study conducts a critical review of existing literature. We summarize the context of neuromarketing, its terminology, concepts, procurement process, real-world business examples, methods and techniques, managerial applications, conclusions, and implications for consumer research. The results indicate that neuromarketing holds significant potential for consumer research, as it facilitates the collection of information and new insights that businesses can use to develop customercentric ideas. As a result, this review will assist researchers in developing effective approaches to provide better and more efficient services to consumers by utilizing scientific methods to understand how consumers respond to marketing campaigns.

Author Keywords:- Neuromarketing, Neuroscience, Neuromarketing Tools, Managerial Applications, Neuromarketing Ethics.

Rízia Eduarda Andrade
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This article aims to develop the topic of psychosis from a structural perspective. The starting point is the judgment of reality and as this is expressed in a distorted way in the symptoms, it is necessary not only to recover the capacity for lucidity, but above all, to understand the affective origin that precipitated the subject into the pathological process. This work is justified by the already widely known fact that psychosis is a very debilitating symptomatic condition with pessimistic prognoses, leading many psychotic patients to develop a situation of chronic dependence on mental health systems. The work methodology is theoretical, however, with a focus on practical applicability, that is, when developing the theme, the aim is to offer means of action to therapists and mental health professionals who deal directly with patients in a psychotic process. The theoretical premises are based on the contributions of the two greatest authors in psychoanalysis: Freud and Lacan.

Author Keywords:- Psychosis. Structure. Psychoanalysis. Therapy. Freud. Lacan. Language.

The Artistic Expression at the Political Action Service
Jamal Khalil, Sara Cherqaoui
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In the wake of the Arab uprisings of 2011, dubbed the "Arab Spring", Morocco saw an unprecedented but above all unexpected social protest movement: the February 20 Movement (M20F). Young artists on the urban scene, especially rappers, decided to transform their tool of artistic expression into an instrument of political action, joining this popular protest. The question we'll be dealing with is not that of the spoken word itself, but rather that of how it became resistant and militant, and how it became a tool of protest. Examples: "Les chiens de l'état" by rapper Mouad Belghouat aka El Haqed, a key figure in the M20F movement, and "Mabghitch" by Tawfik Hazeb aka Don Bigg. Secondly, methodologically, we'll make it clear that rap cannot be limited to a protest activity, nor can we reduce this music to its subversive dimension, given that the political character of rap is multifaceted, and that the discourse conveyed by rap can indeed be perceived and used as a form of commitment, awareness and willingness to act on representations in the social world. We will then try to understand how speech becomes political and how protest speech spaces are formed. Finally, we will show the management and strategy adopted by the state in the face of the protest threat: intimidation, denunciation, imploration, instrumentalization of the media, discrediting the M20F.

Author Keywords:- M20F, Arab Spring, popular protest, the State, political character.

Assessment and Development of Safety Culture Maturity Level Model at PT Cahaya Anugerah Sentosa Makassar
Rissa Mahfirah’eni, Bambang Suhardi, Retno Wulan Damayanti
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The problem of poor safety culture is one of the causes of work accidents. Until now, there are no specific safety culture maturity level measurement parameters, so a safety culture maturity level measuring tool has been developed that follows the characteristics of the industry/company. Safety culture measurement parameters must include psychological, behavioral, and situational aspects. The establishment of measuring tools for assessing safety culture maturity level also adapts to the conditions of K3 management and the legislation used by the Company. The assessment was carried out at one of the companies in Indonesia, namely PT. Cahaya Anugerah Sentosa Makassar. The safety culture maturity level assessment at PT Cahaya Anugerah Sentosa Makassar was carried out using a questionnaire that had a total of 30 questions covering psychological, behavioral, and situational aspects. Measurements are grouped into five dimensions, namely information and communication, commitment, organizational learning, leadership and involvement, and competence. The measurement/assessment results show that the safety culture maturity level value is at level 4, namely proactive. These results show that awareness of occupational safety and health is comprehensive at all job levels, with the management system starting to involve workers in the improvisational stage of K3 management and starting to change the purely top-bottom management approach to two-way communication.

Author Keywords:- Occupational safety and health (K3), Safety Culture, Work Accidents, Safety culture maturity level maturity level

Heal thcare Provision in Under s tanding the Disesases Pathophys iology and P a t i e n t s ’nursing Care A Case Study of Bogui la Heal th Faci l i ty in the Cent ral Af r ican Republ ic
Charles Twagirayezu, Mitti Richard Kasopa Anastazio, Bwalya O. Ibrahim
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A man cannot become a competent healthcare provider without the full knowledge of diseases pathophysiology, and the physician without pathophysiology flounders along in an aimless fashion, never able to gain any accurate conception of disease1 Professional nursing requires a substantial knowledge base of Human Pathophysiology when making decisions in patient care, so a foundational knowledge of Human Pathophysiology (HP) is critical to the success of nursing students

Author Keywords:- --------------------

The Impact of Leadership Styles on Employee Motivation and Engagement
Zhang Guohui, Jennifer D. Estacio
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This paper aims to find out the best leadership style for promoting employee’s motivation and engagement and its impacts. Leadership style plays a crucial role in the success of an organization, while the core of an organization is people. Different types of leadership can do harm or good for the running of companies. In this research, qualitative method, an interview, was adopted to collect the answers from employees to prove that which leadership style is popular and should take into considerations by the public. Furthermore, engaging leadership style gains more supporters than other leadership styles since it greatly makes the employees motivation and engagement encouraged. Finally, more and more leadership styles should be explored and analyzed to promote both organizational success and employee’s well-being.

Author Keywords:-engaging leadership style, employee’s motivation and engagement, organizational success

Factors That Influence Syariah Banking Does Not Dominate the Banking Market Share in Indonesia with The Majority of Islam
Yenni, Darmadi
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This study aims to determine the factors that influence Islamic banking not to dominate the banking market share in Indonesia, which has a Muslim majority population. Independent variables: Product, Profit Sharing, Promotion, Location, Knowledge of the law of usury in Islam, and Perception. The dependent variable: the lack of interest of the Indonesian Muslim community to become customers in Islamic banking, This study uses primary data in the form of a questionnaire with a Likert scale processed with SPSS 23 software, with a sample of 140 respondents randomly, using quantitative descriptive analysis techniques. The results showed that product, profit sharing, and perception variables had no significant effect on the lack of interest of the Muslim community in Indonesia to become customers in Islamic banking, while the variables of promotion, location, knowledge of the law of usury in Islam had a significant effect on the lack of interest of the Muslim community in Indonesia to become a customer in Islamic banking.

Author Keywords:-Product, Profit Sharing, Promotion, location, Knowledge of usury Law, Perception.

The Discourse of Identity between two Cultures in Migrant Literature: Yamina Benguigui and Fatou Diome
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Literature plays a major role in imagining, saying and doing the city. Migrant writing provides an insider's view of the process of acculturation, the construction of migrant identity and urban identity. Identity is one of the key areas of contemporary research, as are immigration and the city. Today, identity is conceived as the result of constructions and strategies that are constantly changing and being recomposed. Cultural identity is constructed and maintained through the process of sharing collective knowledge such as traditions, heritage, language, aesthetics, norms and customs. Since birth, women have been searching for their identity as women in a world dominated by men. This is a world in which women have no place other than in the public sphere, i.e. the home where they live, while the private sphere is reserved for men. Through their writing, authors Yamina Benguigui and Fatou Diome try to demand that women have a place in the public sphere. Through the protagonists of their stories, they call for the emancipation of women and female identity.Zouina, the protagonist of Inch'allah dimanche, left for France to live near her husband. On her journey, she is in search of her identity as much as an Algerian, but she will be confronted with another French identity.But during her stay, she was emancipated as much as an Algerian woman. Salie, the protagonist of the novel Le Ventre de L'Atlantique, has been searching for her identity since birth, through being the other.

Author Keywords:-Woman, female identity, emancipation, to be the other, Fatou Diome, Yamina Benguigui, cultural identity

Factors That Influence the Low Interest of Indonesian Muslim Communities to Become a Sharia Bank Customer
Mohammad Ikhsan, Darmadi, Hadir Hudianto
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This study aims to determine the factors that influence the low interest of the Indonesian Muslim community to become customers of Islamic banks. Independent variables: Technology, Promotion, Product, Profit Sharing, Location, Religiosity and Knowledge of the law of usury in Islam. Variable: The low interest of the Indonesian Muslim community to become sharia bank customers. This study uses primary data in the form of a questionnaire with a Likert scale processed with SPSS 23 software, with a sample of 120 respondents randomly, using quantitative descriptive analysis techniques. The results showed that the variables of technology, promotion, product, profit sharing, and religiosity had no significant effect on the low interest of the Indonesian Muslim community to become sharia bank customers, while the location variable, knowledge of the law of usury in Islam had a significant effect on the low interest of the Indonesian Muslim community to become a customer. Islamic bank customers.

Author Keywords:-Technology, Promotion, Products, Profit Sharing, Location, Religiosity, Knowledge of usury Law

The Effect of Perceived Organizational Support and Working Environment on Employee Performance at MTs Negeri 4 Cianjur
Hesti Arianti, Neuneung Ratna Hayati
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This article aims to examines the effect of Organizational Support and Work Environment on Employee Performance at MTs Negeri 4 Cianjur. This study uses a quantitative approach with a survey method by distributing questionnaires to 38 employees at MTs Negeri 4 Cianjur. Hypothesis testing was carried out using multiple regression analysis. The results showed a positive influence between Organizational Support on employee performance. Organizational Support, which includes employee perceptions of organizational support in various aspects, such as recognition, communication, and workplace facilities, emerged as a key factor affecting employee performance. The study emphasized that when employees feel supported by the organization, their performance tends to improve, creating an emotional bond between employees and the institution. Similarly, Work Environment was found to have a positive influence on employee performance. A conducive work environment, characterized by comfortable physical conditions, positive organizational culture, and good interpersonal relationships, emerged as an important factor contributing to improved employee performance. Adequate workplace facilities, effective communication, and sustainable interpersonal relationships create an atmosphere that supports productivity, collaboration, and creativity, all of which have a positive impact on performance. Furthermore, when Organizational Support and Work Environment are integrated together, their positive impact on employee performance becomes even stronger. The integration of Organizational Support and Work Environment were identified as the key to achieving optimal employee performance. Finally, this study contributes to the understanding of the factors that influence employee performance in the context of Islamic educational institutions. The findings emphasize the importance of organizational support and a positive work environment in improving employee performance.

Author Keywords:-Perceived Organizational Support, Working Environment, Employee Performance, MTs Negeri 4 Cianjur

Analysis of BPHTB Reporting in Lumajang District
Joko Nurhuda, Hendrawan Santosa Putra, Wahyu Agus Winarno
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Fees for Acquisition of Rights on Land and/or Building (BPHTB) is one of the Original Local Revenue (PAD) on the acquisition of rights to land and/or buildings borne by the buyer or recipient of the transfer of rights to land and buildings. The lowest basis in determining BPHTB is the Tax Object Sale Value - Land and Building Tax (NJOP-PBB). However, the NJOP PBB cannot be used as a reference in determining the Tax Object Acquisition Value (NPOP) because the difference between the NJOP PBB and market value is very far. The BPHTB reporting process carried out by taxpayers is still not correct. The research method used in this research is qualitative case study. Primary data includes information collected from original sources such as interviews, documentation, and observation. The results of the research related to BPHTB reporting in Lumajang District which is still not appropriate include photos of tax objects, road access, location points/coordinates, and transaction prices or fair values. Some factors that influence taxpayer behavior in the BPHTB reporting process include honesty factors, compliance factors, and taxpayer awareness factors.

Author Keywords:-BPHTB Reporting, Self assessment system, Tax Avoidance, Tax Aggressiveness

Dialogical Communication: Coordination between Diskominfo and the Protocol and Leadership Communication Section in Executing the Function and Role of Public Relations at the Kediri City Government
Wardah Hani, Nilam Wardasari
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The placement of public relations in private agencies and government is not the same. In government, the formation of a new Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD) called Dinas Kominfo (Diskominfo) did not immediately abolish the previously existing PR section. The policy of placing public relations is fully returned to regional autonomy in view of the needs and capabilities of each region, therefore the practice of placing the PR department in each region varies. Kediri municipal government has two separate public relations departments, namely: Diskominfo and Prokompim Division. With the existence of two parts, the internal public relations practitioner of the Kediri City Government stated that the task of public relations could be more focused, but in implementation it would be prone to cause an overlapping phenomenon in the form of overlapping roles and functions of these two parts. This study uses a qualitative descriptive method with constructivist paradigm. The technique of determining the informants in this study used purposive sampling and snowball sampling with data collection techniques in the form of in-depth interviews and documentation tracking activities. The results of this study indicate that the form of dialogical communication is in the form of a coordination strategy between the Ministry of Communication and Information (Diskominfo) and the Prokompim Section in the form of regular meetings, the formation of internal media in the form of a WhatsApp group consisting of both parties, and the emergence of new policies agreed by both parties. related to public relations activities in Kediri City Government. The impact felt after the coordination strategy is that the flow of information becomes clearer, there is a sense of responsibility to exchange information, cooperate and collaborate, besides that the overlapping phenomenon is reduced. Several agendas and subsections that were originally in the Prokompim Section have been transferred to Diskominfo seeing the accuracy of their roles. After being transferred, the performance of the agenda or sub-section becomes broader, not just focusing on the activities of the leader. For example: Harmoni TV, City Tabloid, and City Government Agenda named Reflection.

Author Keywords:-local government public relations, role of public relations, overlapping phenomenon, dialogical communication.

An Empirical Study on the Determination of Cognizance Level of Individual Investors of Kolkata Region towards various Investment Avenues with an emphasis on Mutual Fund
Dr. Ami Jain
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This paper deals with understanding the perception of individual investors towards varied investment avenues as well as their level of familiarity towards them based upon certain inherent attributes of an investment avenue like safety of principal, liquidity, awareness, ease in investing, ease in accessibility and return on investment. The main objective of the paper is to understand the level of familiarity towards various investment avenues as well as understanding the significance of various factors which influences an individual investor to invest in mutual fund or otherwise. The study has been conducted on the 450 individual investors of Kolkata region and primary data has been collected through a pre-structured questionnaire, whereby the responses have been analysed using Exploratory Factor Analysis technique and a Familiarity Index has been constructed. It has been inferred from the analysis that about 50% of the respondents are moderately familiar about various investment avenues and variables like age, gender and annual household income of the respondents are significantly correlated with their decision to invest in mutual funds.

Author Keywords:-Investment, perception, mutual fund