(January-February - 2020)

Sick but Present at Work: A Triangle Relationship among Leader-Member Exchange, Hiding Emotions and Presenteeism
Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy C
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This study examined the relationship between leader-member exchange (LMX), hiding emotions and presenteeism. In particular, I wanted to investigate to what degree LMX and hiding emotions affected to presenteeism as well as the mediating role of hiding emotion on relationship between LMX and presenteeism. Based on Affective Events Theory (AET) three hypotheses were tested to formalize a triangle relationship. I surveyed 291 Vietnamese subordinates who were working on four industries. Survey results indicated that, high-quality LMX relationship leads to a low probability of hiding emotions and presenteeism, in addition, hiding emotions is a mediator of LMX-presenteeism relationship. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.
Author Keywords:- Presenteeism, hiding emotions, LMX, Vietnam, Psychological behavior, human resource management

Land Vegetation Cover Changes in and Around Some Gazeeted Forest Reserves of Gombe State, Nigeria and Implications: 1996 -2016
Adam M. Abbas, M. A. Jimme
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This study focuses on the assessment of vegetation cover changes in and around some gazeeted forest reserves in Gombe state and implications on the physical environment. To achieve the aim, satellite images for over a period of 10 years (2006-2017) were examined. Thus, four forest reserves were selected and five sites and communities in each of them were picked based on a checklist and subjected to time-series analyses. Lands at data and SPOT XS data were used. Determinants of fuel wood such as quantity of fuel wood per kilogram per week were also observed. Interviews, focus group discussions (FGD) and questionnaire surveys were used to generate data from the respondents on the impacts of the fuelwood exploitation on the physical environment of the source areas. The patterns, levels and temporal variation of fuel wood supply between seasons; the empirical estimate of daily harvest and supply of fuel wood to various parts of the country from the sources in Gombe state, Nigeria were also assessed. The results show that the there are more negative impacts and the destruction was caused more by human activities such as land clearing for agriculture, logging for timber and fire wood production. The study also reveals that Rapidly urbanizing Areas and close to the highways like Lawanti has distanced by almost 4km i.e. 3.61km from its nearest Lambo forest, in the ten years period. Recommendations were made at the end of the study, based on the findings.

Author Keywords:- -Vegetation cover, Forest reserve, Fuel wood, Satellite Imageries

An Investigation on Psychological and External Factors of Entrepreneurs for their Early Endeavor
K M Ali Azam, Kazi Ayesha Siddiqua
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Human beings are the most progressive species on earth. And this human being or people are become the most valuable resource within any country by developing themselves in different levels and different ways. These value-additions indicate the level of economic growth within a country. As an important tool of economic growth of any country some of them promote change and development by taking risk, these people may be called entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are among the most celebrated people in any country if they are successful. But all entrepreneurs are founders, creators and innovators and they as lead the nation its competitive circumference. However, very little is known today about the background, life history, motivations, and beliefs of the entrepreneur. This paper is aimed at helping to being filling some of those information gaps by providing deep insights into the background (socio-economic, educational, familial, professional etc.) and motivations of entrepreneurs. For this paper, we surveyed 30 company founders in a variety of industries, computer and electronics, health care, and services. We also inquired founders more detailed questions about their backgrounds, motivations, and experiences in launching companies.

Author Keywords:- Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurs, Characteristics of Entrepreneurs, Economic Growth, Industrial development

Critical Appraisal of the Implications of Restrictions in Court and Legal Reporting
Bartholomew Nnaemedo
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Usually, the media participate in open court sessions. Such enables the media to have firsthand information on any matter before the court of competent jurisdiction on which they may wish to make a report. As well, it allows the media to keep the public abreast of the latest on the matter. Admittedly, this media practice enhances open justice. In contrast, it may interfere with the judicial process, foster media trial, and influence the subsequent outcome of the judicial matter. Then, to forestall such undue interference and ensure justice for all the parties on a given court case, reporting restrictions or publication bans are imperative. This paper, therefore, sets out to x-ray the positive implications of these publication bans. Besides, it takes cognizance of the negative indices of the phenomena. However, it maintains that the positive implications of publication bans far outweigh the negative aspects. Invariably, for the media to gather more news and sustain public trust and confidence in the law, reporting restrictions are an inevitable requirement.
Author Keywords:- Critical, implication, media, restrictions, legal.

Factors Affecting Return on Assets (ROA) in Banking Companies Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Period 2015-2018
Yuliana, Caecilia Widi Pratiwi
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Bank performance is a description of each economic results can be achieved by the banking company in a particular period through the activities of the company to generate profits effectively and efficiently. The performance level was good bank increase public confidence to use the financial services of banks. One indicator to assess the financial performance of a bank is ROA. The purpose of this research is to analyze the effect of CAR, NPL, LDR, NIM, BOPO, Inflation, and BI Rate on ROA of banking companies listed on the Stock Exchange partially and simultaneously. The analysis method used is Multiple Linear Regression Analysis, which is processed using the SPSS program version 25. The results showed that partially CAR, NPL, Inflation, and BI Rate did not significantly influence ROA of banking companies listed on the IDX, while LDR, NIM and BOPO significantly influence ROA on banking companies listed on the IDX. Simultaneously all independent variables have a significant effect on ROA in banking companies listed on the IDX, where the contribution of all independent variables is 95.80% and the remaining 4.20% influenced by other variables that have not been examined in this research.
Author Keywords:- Bank Performace, BI Rate, Inflation.