(March-April 2021)

Does Cyberloafing Adversely Effect to Employee Performance?
H.M.R.D. Kularathne, Y.Y. Senevirathne
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An empirical study was carried out in relation to cyberloafing behaviors and employee performance owing to contradictory research findings and contextual gap. The purpose of this paper is to identify the impact of cyberloafing on employee performance in the banking (private) sector in Sri Lanka. Population of this study was non-managerial employees of private banks in Kandy district and the size of the sample was 152. Measuring instruments of the constructs are good in terms of validity and reliability. Study findings show that 65% variance of employee performance is predicted by cyberloafing. Further, the findings of this study highlighted that an inverse relationship exists between cyberloafing and employee performance while cyberloafing makes a negative impact on employee performance. Future studies are mainly encouraged to conduct scholar work in the field of cyberloafing with mediating and moderating variables.

Author Keywords:- Cyberloafing, Employee Performance, Private Banks, Sri Lanka

Elements of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Bangladesh and S teps for F uture S afeguarding
Dilruba Sharmin, PhD
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This pa per presents a new emerging knowledge of the Intangible cultural heritage (ICH) of Bangladesh along with an initiative to raise consciousness for preservation of the heritages. At present we have four nominated elements for the ‘Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ by UNESCO. Subsequently, UNESCO nominated the ‘historic 7th March speech’ delineated by the Father of the Natio n Bangabandh u Sheikh Mujibu r Rahman in the Memory of the World International Register which is a list o f documents having universal significance to ensur e preservation for those items. Another two items are under process for nomination. Besides these, we have many other cultural traditions which could be placed on the nomination list of UNESCO for sa feguard ing the ICH. In this paper, some element will discuss as a prospective ICH for UNESCO nomination as well as some proposal for future safeguarding. To preserve and promote our ICH, both governmental initiative and public awareness is necessary for pr eservat ion and development of this newly emerging sector

Author Keywords:- Intangible Cultural Heritage, Art History, Copyright patent, Cultural Safeguarding, UNESCO, Sheikh Mujibu r Rahman , Bangladesh

Factors that Affect the Performance of Employees in the Secretariat of the DPRD of West Sumatra Province
Elkhaira Handaka Tania, Liza Novelia, Yuni Herlinda, Mira Fitria
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This study aims to see the influence of (1) Work Environment on Employee Performance (2) Knowledge on Employee Performance (3) Work Motivation on Employee Performance (4) Influence of Work Environment, Knowledge, Work Motivation jointly on The Performance of Staff Secretariat of the Regional People's Representative Council of West Sumatra Province. The population in this study is all employees who work in the Secretariat of dprd West Sumatra.. And data processing techniques using SPSS. The results showed the Working Environment (X1) influenced the Performance of Employees in the Secretariat of the DPRD Provision of West Sumatra. This means that if the Environment is managed properly will result in comfort in working so that it will be able to improve the performance of employees. Knowledge (X2) influences the Performance of Employees in the Secretariat of the DPRD Provision of West Sumatra. This shows that knowledge is high, the quality of performance produced will be better. Work Motivation (X3) affects the Performance of Employees in the Secretariat of the DPRD Provision of West Sumatra. This shows that Motivation will improve the quality of Employee Performance performance at the Secretariat of DPRD Provision Sumatra Bara. Environment, Knowledge and Work Motivation together affect employee performance variables. This shows that (Environment, Knowledge and Work Motivation) can improve the performance of employees of the Secretariat of dprd Provision Sumatra Bara.

Author Keywords:--Environment, Knowledge, Work Motivation, Performance

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
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This study aims to determine the effect of work competence, compensation on performance with work commitment as an intervening variable of the officers of the Regional Disaster Management Agency of Padang Pariaman Regency as many as 49 people. Data were collected through distributing questionnaires to the entire population which can be used for analysis purposes. Hypothesis Testing Using Path Analysis.. The results of the data analysis show that work competence has a significant effect on performance, compensation has a significant effect on performance, work competence has a significant effect on work commitment, compensation has a significant effect on work commitment, work commitment has a significant effect on performance, work commitment as an intervening variable has a significant effect on work commitment. Work and Performance, Work Commitment as an Intervening Variable Influence Compensation and Performance of the Implementing Unit of the Regional Disaster Management Agency of Padang Pariaman Regency.

Author Keywords:-Job Competence; Compensation; Performance; Work Commitment.

Innovation- Performance Intergrated Model: A Research in Vietnam
Nguyen Thi Anh Van, Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy, Phan Thi Thanh Hien
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Innovation is define as a new idea, creative thought, or new imagination in the form of equipment or methods. Thus there are many types of innovation that are explored in studies. In this paper, the innovation- performance intergrated model was proposed by PLS- SEM althorigm. The author surveyd 32 employees in manufacturing enterprises in Vietnam to conduct this model, and explaned the relationship among four types of innovation such as Process/Technology innovation, Organizational innovation, Product innovation, and Marketing innovation. Besides, the models also investigate the impact of innovation on performance in Vietnam.

Author Keywords:-Process /Technology innovation, Organizational innovation, Product innovation, Marketing innovation, Performance.

Determinants of Employees’ Job Satisfaction when Working from Home; with particular reference to the telecommunication and software companies in Colombo district Sri Lanka
S.A.A. Wathmini Sooriyapperuma, C.L.K. Nawarathna
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New development in information and communication technology has changed the way people approach their life and work. Employees can conduct their job from home rather than doing them in an office environment because of technological advancement. Sri Lankan private companies such as telecommunication and software development company employees started working from home during the COVID19 pandemic period, and they continue it. This study was conducted from an employee perspective to identify the determinants of employees' job satisfaction when working from home as it is new for Sri Lankans. In this research, the two-factor theory, which Frederick Herzberg introduced, has been used to determine the factors that cause job satisfaction when working from home. The required information was obtained through an online google form, and the sample size was 232. The sampling technique was multi-stage cluster sampling. The independent two-sample t-test, one-way ANOVA, and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) were used to derive the required inferences. The results showed that gender has a significant impact on employees' job satisfaction when working from home. Also, results indicated that hygiene factors, working conditions, and company policy positively impact employees' job satisfaction when working from home, while supervisor relationship and co-worker relationship have a significant negative impact on employees' job satisfaction when working from home. Motivator factors, Achievement, and recognition have a significant positive effect on employees' job satisfaction when working from home. Furthermore, results showed that personal growth is not a determinant of employees' job satisfaction when working from home. The results can use to continue work from home efficiently and effectively in the future.

Author Keywords:-Job satisfaction, work-from-home (WFH), hygiene factors, motivator factors.

Infectious Waste Management as the Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia
Gina Lova Sari, Indah Laily Hilmi, Astri Nurdiana, Ani Nurdiani Azizah, Ahsanal Kasasiah
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There is no doubt that covid-19 is harmful for health and environment because of greatly infectious waste Generation which potentially acted as secondary virus medium transmission. This current research presents an investigation on medical waste from covid-19 intensive care hospitals and disposable face mask waste generation in Indonesia. The results showed that the generation of medical waste is estimated 16.74-25.12 times lower than disposable face mask waste of 80.37 tons/day and 1,345.99-2,018.98 Tons/Day, Respectively. It proves that masks have become an important part for human life sustainability. Meanwhile, the rate of medical waste generation is 1.58 Kg/bed/day. Therefore, Indonesia has been generating 1,699.46-2,372.45 tons/day of Infectious waste during the covid-19 outbreak. Some guidelines have been implemented by the government to manage infectious waste in Indonesia, but it has not been optimally performed. Therefore, all aspects of infectious waste management need to be improved, including the role and responsibility of the government to avoid further phenomena due to the abundance of infectious waste.

Author Keywords:-Covid-19, disposable face mask waste, Indonesia, infectious waste, medical waste generation.

Identification of Injury Risk on Guitar Players Using NBM (Nordic Body Map), QEC (Quick Exposure Check), RULA (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment), and REBA (Rapid Entire Body Assessment ) Methods
Sulistiono, Bambang Suhardi, Susy Susmartini
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Guitar player or guitarist is an activity that is related to the movement of the hands and fingers to play notes and chords on a guitar instrument. If done for a long time, there is a risk of injury to a guitar player's posture, and then it will interfere with his guitar performance and playing. Therefore, it is necessary to identify using several methods including NBM (Nordic Body Map), from 25 respondents there are 3 respondents who experience moderate risk when sitting and 12 respondents when standing. QEC (Quick Exposure Check), having an average exposure level of 46% and 44% means that further research is needed. RULA (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment) has a Grand Score when standing and sitting with a score of 7 so, what needs to be done is to immediately investigate the problem and implement changes related to the body posture of the guitar player or the guitar design used. and REBA (Rapid Entire Body Assessment), the last score (Grand Score) is 11, while in the sitting position the last score (Grand Score) is 9 indicating that the activity is very dangerous and needs to immediately implement changes related to the body posture of the guitar player or the guitar design used. And the results of the identification will be used as a reference basis in improving good posture in playing the guitar and become the main basis for making design changes to design an ergonomic guitar.

Author Keywords:-Injury Risk, NBM (Nordic Body Map), QEC (Quick Exposure Check), RULA (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment), REBA (Rapid Entire Body Assessment).

Adult Learners’ Perceptions on Online Learning
Dr Jacqueline Żammit
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The COVID-19 pandemic has demanded online learning as an alternative to conventional classroom learning methods. The study’s aim was to explore the advantages and challenges of online learning as perceived by adult learners of Maltese as a second language. Data was collected from 35 adult participants using semi-structured interviews comprised of open-ended questions. The interview results were analysed using the thematic analysis method with the help of NVivo software to identify commonalities in responses and group the data according to the respective themes. The advantages of online learning according to the participants included the ability to balance learning and domestic chores; to access subject content despite the absence of live learning sessions; and less susceptibility to challenges like fatigue, time-wasting traffic, preparation for school and limited parking space. On the contrary, poor Internet connectivity, lack of IT knowledge, lack of personal computers and distractions at home negatively impacted online learning. Lack of an Internet connection, IT skills and a personal computer or an Internet-enabled phone led to inequality in access to online learning sessions. Despite the shortcomings, participants perceived online learning to be a solution to suspended academic activities. This research concludes with a number of solutions to overcome the issues presented by online learning.

Author Keywords:-Online learning, COVID-19, adult learners, benefits of online learning, challenges of online learning.

Review of Physical Wellness Challenges: For the Advancement of the University Athletes
K.G. Dushanthi Nilmini Nawarathna, Dr. P. D. V. Charika Wickramarathne
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Maintaining good physical and mental well-being leads to a healthier lifestyle. At present, exercise, which is essential for maintaining physical wellness, shows a lower tendency for the entire community to participate in physical activity. The objective of this study is to determine how the challenges of wellness in athletics to athletes introduced in previous studies will affect the University of Kelaniya athletes. The Literary Survey on the Challenges of Physical wellness has provided a wealth of valuable information on this topic, and this study of the physical wellness of athletes was conceived based on previous literature. The study emphasizes that by identifying and managing these challenges in educational institutions by students and athletes, healthy athletes are created and sports performance is enhanced.

Author Keywords:-wellness, physical wellness, sports performance, university athletes.