Cossi Basile MEDENOU
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This study based on the Spanish golden age book Don Quixote de la Mancha, has for purpose to analyze its existential art of teaching on the one hand, and on the other hand, to examine the actual character of its universal didactics for life. We led it through esthetical, analytic, objective and comparative methodical approaches. As results, we realized two different but complementary visions of the world, life and things: idealism and fantasy at one side, and at other side, materialism, pragmatism or realism. From what, we conclude that Miguel de Cervantes wrote his novel basing on human behaviors that teaches every time reader on moral, social, economic, political, religious and philosophical matters. What makes his novel a textbook of behaviors and universal problems linked to life and men of every time?

Author Keywords:- Golden Age, gentleman, idealism, realism, existentialism

Motifs in Woven Textiles at Pandai Sikek, West Sumatra
Yuniarti Munaf, Rosta Minawati
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This research entitled Weaving Textile Crafts in Pandai Sikek, West Sumatra aims to map the weaving motifs in Pandai Sikek, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Textile craft motifs consist of motifs of flora, fauna, geometric and other natural objects. The types of motifs, include the Siriah Gadang motif, the Kaluak Paku motif, the Bunga Mawar motif, the Pucuak Rabuang motif, the Anggrek motif, the Sunflower motif, the Lotus flower motif, the Jasmine Flower motif, and the Itiak Pulang Patang motif. The motifs of Pandai Sikek woven fabrics, both Balapak cloth and Bacatua cloth, are shoots of bamboo shoots, pucuak sikakau, sirangkak, saluak laka, gobah, tampuak mangosteen, areca nut, sirangkak, spinach and peanuts. The results of the study found that the application of motifs to textile crafts was found in weaving, embroidery and batik, both floral motifs, geometric fauna and other natural objects. There are two types of songket (woven fabrics) produced by Pandai Sikek craftsmen, namely the songket balapak and songket batabua. The motifs are applied to the shirts, headdress, songket kodek, saruang balapak, saruang batabua, songket selendang, batabua tingkuluak tanduak shawl (women's headgear), and sisampiang (salempang penghulu). Marketing is done in local, national and International communities.

Author Keywords:-Crafts, Textiles, Weaving, Pandai Sikek, West Sumatra

Intertextual Study on Lyrical Poem Calon Arang: Kisah Perempuan Korban Patriarki by Toeti Heraty
Faisal, Inriati Lewa, Muhammad Hasyim
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This study examines Toeti Heraty's lyrical prose, the study of this book is using Julia Kristeva's intertextual theory with the aim of looking at the opposition of the CAKPKP book to the lontar manuscript of Calon Arang Lor 5387/5279.The results showed that there were two forms of opposition to CAKPKP's lyrical prose, including: opposition to the stigma of the widows, and opposition to the image of the women as second class citizen. This is an attempt by Heraty to give a new reading perspective on the story of Calon Arang through her lyrical prose.

Author Keywords:Intertextual, Opposition, Stigma, Patriarchy.

Study of Tourism Travel Intention in the New Normal Period (Case Study of the Old City of Semarang)
T. H. Susetyarsi, Suyatno, Suhardi, Riyono, Sudarno
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This study aims to examine the travel intention of tourists in visiting tourism objects in the old city of Semarang. This research uses a qualitative approach and a case study. The informants used in this study were tourists who visited the old city of Semarang during the new normal period. This research was conducted for three months. The results of this study indicate that the travel intention of tourists is influenced by the perceptions and attitudes of tourists related to risk attitudes and travel anxiety. The results of this study also show that in the new normal period, tourists already have awareness in taking care of themselves and are aware of the importance of health protocols.>

Author Keywords:tourism, travel intention, new normal era.

Impact and Employee Innovative Behaviour in the Nigerian Telecommunication Sector
Jasmine Okponanabofa Tamunosiki-Amadi, Ph.D, Bunatari Ogoun
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The purpose of this research was to discover the core of the link that exists between Impact, a psychological empowerment component, and employee innovative behaviour. The study was carried out in the telecommunications industry of Nigeria's south-south region, with a questionnaire serving as the major data collection method. The study looked at how measures like idea creation, concept development, and idea execution were used to evaluate employee creative behaviour. Respondents were picked from a pool of 310 employees from telecommunications businesses. The data was evaluated descriptively as well as inferentially. In the descriptive analysis, means, standard deviations, and percentages were employed, while the Spearman Rank Order Correlation Coefficient (rho) and regression analysis were used in the inferential analysis. According to the findings, impact had a strong positive and significant association with idea creation, as well as a good and significant relationship with concept development, but not with idea implementation. As a result, the data indicated, among other things, that employees will exhume psychological stability if the assigned activity is regarded as effective and appreciated.

Author Keywords:Employee Innovative Behavior, Idea development, Idea Generation, Ideas Implementation, Impact, Psychological Empowerment.

Testing the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Perceived Occupational Stress: Evidence from Egypt)
Prof. Tareq Hasan Abdeen, PhD
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Purpose:This research tests the relationship between emotional intelligence, using its four dimensions: self-emotion appraisal; others' emotion appraisal; use of emotion; and regulation of emotion, and perceived occupational stress among a selection of tourism and hospitality employees in Egypt. Design/methodology/approach This is a deductive explanatory research that is correlational in nature. It uses a simple random sample of 390 employees working in the tourism and hospitality sector in Egypt. An on-line survey is used to collect the data. SPSS20 has been used to analyze the collected data. Relevant statistical techniques are used to test this research hypotheses. Findings The four dimensions of emotional intelligence have been proved to be significantly and negatively associated with perceived occupational stress. Practical implications This research results clarify the importance of the four dimensions of emotional intelligence in lowering the level of perceived occupational stress among tourism and hospitality employees in Egypt. Originality/value The value of this research lies in testing the relationship between the four dimensions of emotional intelligence and perceived occupational stress, during COVID-19 pandemic, in the tourism and hospitality industry as one of the most leading economic sectors on which the GDP in Egypt depends. Although COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected almost all business sectors, the tourism and hospitality sector comes at the top of the list of the negatively affected sectors.>

Author Keywords:emotional intelligence, self-emotion appraisal, others' emotion appraisal, regulation of emotions, use of emotions, perceived occupational stress, tourism and hospitality, Egypt

The Element of Death in Emily Dickinson's Chosen Poems
Rezky Ramadhani, Sitti Sahraeny, Dewi Ananda
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Emily Dickinson is an influential woman- American poet who was known and praised internationally. Her poems were timeless and inspiring, yet the theme mostly talking about death. Death is a taboo topic in certain literary works, but not for Dickinson. This research talked about two of Dickinson's poems, I Heard A Fly Buzz-when I Died and It Was Not Death For I Stood Up which focusing on the moment of death. Using structuralism approach, this research discussed the analysis using the poetry elements. From the theory, the writers elaborated information regarding the expression of death portrayed in two chosen poems through their physical and mental elements. The writers obtained that both poems clearly shown a vivid expression about death with diction, imagery, concrete words, figure of speech, imagery, rhyme and rhythm, typography (physical elements), and sense, tone and feeling, intention (mental elements).>

Author Keywords:Emily Dickinson, Death, Poetry, Physical Elements, Mental Elements.

The ideologies of Hegel, Marx, Lenin, Popper, Huntington, Fukuyama, Hayek, Friedman - in favor of the deep mafia for the enslavement of nations, peoples Does the Nobel Committee serve the deep mafia?!?! Prince Prof Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev's "MAFIOTISMUS" and "Financially banking resourcebased technological mafia-driven MATERIALISMUS" - the real hidden ideology of the DEEP MAFIA
Prince Lord Prof. PhD Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev, Princess Lady Prof. Mariola Garibova- Dobreva
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Prince Lord prof PhD PhD Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev developed 2010 "Financially banking resourcebased technological mafia-driven materialism" as a based principle materialismus since more than 17 century.08 "Theory of generating of crises", 2010 "Theory and praxice of the Mafiotismus "And 2001" Theory of the mafia ". Based on these two theories this paper explains the establishment of mafiotismus all over the world - principles, theory and praxis we prove with the guiding article that these are the ideologies of the Deep Mafia.>

Author Keywords:Mafiotismus, mafia, Deep Mafia, theory.

Prince Prof. Momchil Dobrev-Halachev's and Princess Prof. Mariola-Garibova-Dobreva's "Theory and practice of the tunnel - spiral - centrifuge of human genocide " -part of the" Theory of Social Human Genocide "on the example of COVID 19 for "GREAT RESET" and IMPOSITION OF A NEW WORLD ORDER by the Deep Mafia
Prince Lord Prof. PhD Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev, Princess Lady Prof. Mariola Garibova-Dobreva
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Prince Lord Prof. PhD PhD Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev and Princess Prof. Mariola Garibova-Dobreva developed 2006 "Theory of social human genocide" and based on this theory 2020 they created "Theory and practice of the tunnel-spiral-centrifuge of human genocide" on the example of the Covid pandemic 19 .>

Author Keywords:Covid pandemic, human genocide, theory.

Literature Review: The Importance of Working Time Measurement in the Manufacturing Industry to Increase Company Productivity (Case in Indonesia)
Annafis Manaruzzaki, Bambang Suhardi, Hanin Tsimar Andriyani, Niken Utami Tyastuti
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This paper is an overview of the importance of working time measurement in the manufacturing industry to increase company productivity. The method used was the study of literature on articles, theses, and proceedings obtained through several search engines, including 9 from Google and 21 from Google Scholar. The criteria for national journals are accredited, published in 2012, and above. This research refers to the working time measurement paper which is devoted to the stopwatch time study method. The review conducted showed that more than 50% was used to determine the standard time or standard time. By the standard time, the company can determine the time needed to complete a production process, the optimal number of workers and work schedules as well as reduce the workload while saving costs because production is completed on time, and others.>

Author Keywords:Working time measurement, manufacturing, stopwatch time study, productivity.

Capitalism and Operation of the Police as an Elemant in the Criminal Justice System: A Reflection of Pulic Perception in Bama Borno State of Nigeria)
Dr Babagana Kolo
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The Nigeria Police have been very important ingredient in the substance of Criminal Justice System in Nigeria. The police initiate the admission of the suspect who should experience the roughs and drills of the system. While it remained important it has unavoidably failed in its duty to prevent and control of crime in Nigeria. This paper focuses on exploring some of the factors that worked against the success of the Nigeria Police. In the modern era capitalism can be seen as an economic alternative to political domination that rise out of the ''ruins'' of feudalism, geographical expansion through exploration and colonization, development of different methods of labor control for zones (eg. core, periphery) of world economy, and the development of states that were to become the core states of the world economy. The police are the largest single armed force that deals with the civil populace, with notorious violation to individuals liberties in Nigeria. Thousands of police stations are scattered nationwide serving as horror house of inhuman cell where suspects rot away. A survey reported in 2015 showed that about 81% of respondents saw the public and police relationship as antagonistic and only (12%) of the sample described the relationship as cordial. About 32% of the respondents said police corruption would not augur for smooth relationship between the police and public, 30% saw the police as generally unfriendly and always in perpetual collusion with members of the public. About 16% described the police as high-handed and trigger happy which often result into extra judicial killings of defenseless citizens. Capitalism as a prime motivation for primitive accumulation of wealth is the grand factor for prevalence of corruption as the major and easiest way of enrichment in a capitalist economy. Another survey reported in 2000 showed that about 88% of the respondents studied in Bama expressed that the Nigerian police force is to maintain law and order in the society but 53% of the of them maintained that it has failed to achieve this legal functions. About 94% observed that NPF serve the interest of the rich and influential members of the society. And 94% of them further reconfirmed that the NPF most serve the elites because they are corrupt. Similarly 94% of the respondents observed that the NPF hardly follow laid down procedures in the discharge of duties. Some 85% maintain that the NPF have been bias in their treatment during arresting suspects of different classes. While 96% said the rich and influential members of Nigerian society are hardly arrested by the police, and 94% of the respondents testified that the rich and influential members of the society offer the police with bribes to avoid been arrested. And even if some of the rich and influential are arrested by the police they are treated as very important personalities said 91% of the respondents. About 95% of the respondents observed that the poor is brutalized and embarrassed by the police in form of arrest and 99% said the NPF threatens the poor to confess guilty of the alleged crime through severe torture. And 82% of the respondents observed that suspects are unfairly locked in cells with congestions despite all known implications. About 80% of the respondents clearly stated that the solution of NPF is by eradicating corruption. Base on all the results of study, the paper recommends among others that the operatives of the Nigeria Police must be frequently trained on the duties of the police and the rights of the citizens to remind them of the fact that the police are equal before the law with all Nigerians and people. There must be a determined war against 132 Asian Journal of Social Science and Management Technology capitalism to eradicate corruption that pulled down the police and the entire system of the Criminal Justice System at all level and particularly at the intellectual levels.>

Author Keywords:Capitalism, Police, Justice, Perception.

Utilizing the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale as an Assessment Tool to Gauge Undergraduate Intercultural Competencies
James J. Tanoos, Yangsai Lyu
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Author Keywords:intercultural competencies, expatriate, intercultural effectiveness scale, global awareness.

Public Perception of the Performance of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in Wukari Local Government Area of Taraba State
Dr Babagana Kolo
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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission was established to fight the crimes of corruption and other related high impact crimes such as money laundering and terrorism in Nigeria. Certainly the Commission has a profound mandate against a crime predominantly committed by highly placed authorities. Unsurprisingly, the mandate remained predominantly a theory as the practices of Commission has been characterized by selective application of the laws to the confirmation of Marxian argument that the laws and enforcement agencies in capitalist societies are oppressive tools in the hands of the ruling class, just as the state remain the executive committee of the bourgeoisie. The members of the public in Wukari also testified to this obvious reality in a survey study conducted in the Local Government Area of Taraba state. The public in Wukari LGA of Taraba expressed their feelings with the facts that the commission failed in realizing its set objectives as about 61% of them confirmed to that. The total 66% of the respondents concluded that the commission performed at zero or less 50 percent of the public expectations since inception. There is no doubt the Commission has a broad mandate including detecting any form of fraud, narcotic, drug trafficking, money laundering, embezzlement, bribery, looting and any form of corrupt malpractice, illegal arms deal, smuggling, human trafficking and child labor, illegal oil bunkering and illegal mining, tax diversion, foreign exchange malpractice including counterfeiting of currency, theft of intellectual property and piracy, open market abuse. This evaluation established that EFCC have woefully failed in its performance as it has not arrested nor prosecuted very large proportion of potential criminals and apparent criminals related to economic and financial crimes. The study conclusively recommended the following among others: Candidates for various political offices must be cleared by Code of Conduct Bureau, Independent Corrupt Practices Commission and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission before they should be approved for election into office by Independent National Electoral Commission. Officials of the EFCC must be transparent and continuously trained and retrained on detective related to fraud and economic and financial crimes. The constitutional immunity granted to the presidents, governors and their deputies should be repealed and erased accordingly to empower anti-corruption agencies to smoothly enforce the law against such authorities. There must be death penalty for corruption (particularly high profile economic crimes) to serve as sincere deterrence against corruption in Nigeria.>

Author Keywords:----------.

Does Supplemental Income has an Impact on Consumption Expenditure? (Case Study of Employee in Batik Tulis Rengganis Production Probolinggo City)
Zainuri, Muhammad Ivan Fadillah
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The existence of differences in public consumption expenditure is influenced by personal wishes and also external factors. Consumption describes the level of spending on goods and services in a certain period. This study aims to see how the effect of employee salary, supplemental income, and the number of the dependent family on consumption expenditure in the employee of Batik Tulis Rengganis production. The data used are primary data obtained directly from respondents through questionnaires with a sample of 65 employees, data collection lasted for 2 months. This research will use the linear regression analysis method and the result is that employee salary and the number of the dependent family does not impact on consumption expenditure in an employee of Batik Tulis Rengganis production. supplemental income has a positive significant impact on consumption expenditure in an employee of Batik Tulis Rengganis production.>

Author Keywords:consumption expenditure, employee salary, supplemental income, number of dependent families.

Enrichment of Virtual Teams Management through Communication
Zainab Abdulhameed Beirouty, Ayse Gonul Demirel
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Based on the circumstances the world is facing these days with Covid-19; most of business have moved to work from home. Working as a virtual team is the challenge of these days business life.This study is aiming to find the impact of communication methods on the performance of team members, checking whether their motivation will differ, satisfaction, loyalty, and competence by conducting a mixed method model that include a survey distributed to people working in virtual teams of international companies around the world and considering testing of the effect of different communication methods on these variables as there are email communication, calls, face to face meetings, and regular online video calls and interviews with people working remotely to support the survey findings. Advancement in communication and technology created a new way for organizations to develop their business in different departments such as software development, research, and customer support and product design through creating a team of geographically distributed experts or members that are called virtual teams. Performance of these teams depends mainly on their experience and the method of communication between team members and management, adding up that those teams can include members of different cultures that can cause a conflict in management and in getting the job done as it is supposed to be. The central hypothesis is that the type of communication have an impact on virtual teams’ performance and their loyalty, competency and satisfaction. The research has found that with addition to the importance of communication in enhancing the competency, satisfaction, loyalty and trust of the team; a manager or a team leader should find a balance in the frequency of communication and find a balance between how frequent should the team be contacted and between the type or communication used in order to optimize the team performance.>

Author Keywords:Virtual Teams, Performance, Personnel Management, Communication, Conflict, Globalization.

The Role of Financial Sector Development on the Impact of Exchange Rate Volatility on Exports Trade: Evidence from West Africa
Pabai Fofanah
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This article examines the role of financial sector development in determining the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on the exports of West African countries. The random-effects and the two-step difference generalized method of moment estimation technique are used in this analysis. The “Ad hoc method” is employed by using the lagged term of exchange rate movements for a robustness check in the random-effects model. The research results show that the overall impact of exchange rate fluctuations on exports depends on the level of development of the financial sector. The more financially developed an economy, the less its exports are adversely affected by exchange rate fluctuations. The results are also supported by random effect “Ad hoc methodology” by using the lagged term of exchange rate movements, implying that they are robust to heteroskedasticity and reverse causality considerations. The study suggests that the authorities of West African countries should speed up the development of their financial sector to reduce the negative impact of exchange rate fluctuations, thereby encouraging export growth.>

Author Keywords:Exports, Ad hoc methodology, financial sector development, exchange rate volatility, endogeneity, heteroskedasticity.

Prince Prof. Momchil Dobrev-Halachev’s and Princess Prof. Mariola-Galibova-Dobreva’s “Theory and practice of the tunnel - spiral - centrifuge of human genocide”as part of the“ Theory of Social Human Genocide ”on the example of COVID 19 of the DEEP MAFIA for IMPOSING A NEW WORLD ORDER - pandemic results
Prince Lord Prof. PhD Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev, Princes Lady Prof. Mariola Garibova-Dobreva
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Prince Lord Prof. PhD PhD Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev and Princess Prof. Mariola Garibova-Dobreva developed 2006 "Theory of social human genocide" and based on this theory 2020 they created "Theory and practice of the tunnel-spiral-centrifuge of human genocide" on the example of the Covid pandemic 19>

Author Keywords:Covid pandemic, human genocide, theory.

Literature Review: The Application of Lean Healthcare to Waste in Healthcare Sectors
Hanin Tsimar Andriyani, Bambang Suhardi, Iksan Widiantoro, Niken UtamiTyastuti
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This paper is an overview of the application of lean healthcare to waste in healthcare services which aimed to determine the relationship between lean healthcare and waste. A literature review of 30 journals obtained through Google Scholar was used as the method. The journals that were used as research data were accredited national journals that had been published in the previous ten years. The review's findings revealed that implementing lean healthcare in healthcare settings such as clinics, health centers, and hospitals was able to reduce waste and increase service time efficiency. In conclusion, the application of lean healthcare has an effective effect on waste minimization.>

Author Keywords:Lean healthcare, waste, health services

Factors that Affect Second-Hand Real Estate Marketing Strategy
Praputhson Piakson
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Today, real estate businesses are competing with each other very aggressively. Paricularly, the second-hand real estate businesses have to plan their strategies in order to differentiate and satisfy the consumer’s need. This research aimed to study factors that affected second-hand real estate marketing strategies. As for research instrument, a structured survey questionnaire was used to collect data from respondents who were interested in purchasing second properties whose personal factors including gender, age, education, income, purchasing experience and purchasing purposes were also analyzed. The research findings pointed to the following strategies: (1) Product Strategy – There should be some offering of ready-to-move-in second hand properties with a special reference to good feng shui and trustworthiness of the project; (2) Pricing Strategy – The price should be specified clearly and remain on a one-price standard without any hidden costs and should allow some negotiation; (3) Selling Strategy – The details of the property and owner should be available and responsive when contacted; (4) Promotional Strategy – Online and offline advertising channels should be used. Especially, Youtube and large bill boards with stand-out messages are strongly recommended. In sum, the research provides appropriate marketing strategy for second-hand real estate.>

Author Keywords:Second-hand real estate business, marketing strategy

7P's marketing mix strategy that affects the decision to buy a second-hand computer notebook in the eastern region of Thailand
Narathip Naewkhamdee, Somchai Jaisuekul, Thanitha Soithong, Charinee Phonvut, Preyaporn Teerapornlertrat, Thanabadee Asawawongwijit
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This research is quantitative in nature. The overall objective is to study and compare 7 P’s marketing mix that affects the decision to buy a second-hand notebook in the eastern region of Thailand. A structured survey questionnaire was used as a research instrument with Alpha of 0.932. The data were collected from a sample of 400 computer notebook buyers and analyzed using descriptive statistics including frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation and inferential statistics including t-test and one-way ANOVA using LSD method. Research findings revealed that 7 P’s marketing mix that affected the decision to buy a second-hand computer notebook highly. All of the 7 P’s including product, price, place, process, promotion, people and physical evidence were rated moderately. As for test of hypotheses, it was shown that 7 P’s marketing mix affecting the decision to buy a second-hand computer notebook in the eastern region differently when the personal factor including gender, age, occupation, education level and monthly income were different at significance level of 0.01 and 0.05 respectively.>

Author Keywords:Marketing Strategy, Purchase Decision Making, Second-Hand Computer Notebook

A Contemporary Observation of ASEAN in Global Economics
Joyce Say
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ASEAN members are struggle with the term “people-oriented” and “people-centered”. Research was carried out and find some facts that prove this seems to be an obstacle. Firstly, the ASEAN member countries are not as democratic according to Western social standard. Some member countries are worried about the rapid inclusion of civil society. ln the decision-making process since democratic governance and civil society movements might challenge their non- or semi-democratic legitimacy in various way. Similarly, the growing working population of countries such as Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam confirm the continuation of ASEAN’s ascension as a global market. Critics assume that the fast paced development of ASEAN may ensure a quick downfall but due to the varying levels of development found across the organization, growth is ensured for much longer than other integrated economies such as the EU.>

Author Keywords:ASEAN, Development, Economics, Governance, Policies

Service Quality That Affects Customer Satisfaction with a Car Service Center in Bangkok, Thailand
Narathip Naewkhamdee
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This research is quantitative in nature. The overall objective is to study and predict the level of service quality that affects customer satisfaction with a car service center in Bangkok, Thailand. The research used a structured survey questionnaire as a research instrument (with a reliability test of Alpha = 0.95) to collect data from a sample of 400 respondents. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistical techniques including frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. While multiple linear regression was used to test hypotheses The research findings revealed that mean and standard deviation of service satisfaction for all factors were relatively high. The hypothesis testing was done using multiple linear regression (enter method) which showed that service quality consisting of tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy were able to explain the regression of the service satisfaction (R2= 0.617, Adj R=0.614, F = 180.537 sig = 0.000) for 61.7 percent with the significance level of 0.05.>

Author Keywords:service quality, satisfaction, car service center

Factors Affecting the Success of OTOP Products
Praputhson Piakson, Chumpron Piakson, Natcha Techarawijit, Kanyarat Fongsamut, Usadee Inphongphan
Abstract       pdf Full text PDF

This study aimed to study the extent to which strategic marketing factors affected the success of different types of OTOP (One Tumbon One Product) products. The data were collected from 250 entrepreneurs from the product categories including food, beverage, clothing, herbs and decorating items. A structured survey questionnaire was used the main research instrument and mean, standard deviation and multiple regression analysis were used to analyze the data The research findings revealed that OTOP entrepreneurs utilized 7 P’s as the main marketing strategy at high level. Product servicing staff, marketing promotion and pricing altogether were able to explain how the success of OTOP products was affected (R2 = 0.421) particularly product and product servicing staff predominantly affected the marketing success of OTOP (R2 = 0.524) significantly.>

Author Keywords:marketing factor, success, OTOP products

Management of Lecturers in Private Universities – Lusaka Province
Mwanza Damiano
Abstract       pdf Full text PDF

The aim of the study was to analyze the management of lecturers in Private Universities in Lusaka province in order to deliver quality education in private universities and also looked at issues that could attract them stay long in such universities. Convergent parallel mixed methods which involved quantitative method was used. Quantitative data was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). Qualitative data was using common responses from themes (questionnaire answers) and the Questionnaire was a tool that was used to collect data from the field from the four types of respondents as the Vice Chancellor, the Registrar, the Dean of schools, the Human Resource and 20 lecturers. Research findings also showed that lecturers left these private universities because of poor economic incentives conditions which prevailed in the country among other factors. The study also conclude that too much of work load turnover can severely reduce productivity and finally can lead to damage of an Institutional public image thereby adversely affecting its corporate existence. The results of the study also revealed that private universities showed to what are prompting lecturers to move to other universities. The management must take responsibility for every lecturer resigning to intervene immediately to find out the reasons that make the lecturer to leave the institution. In terms of strategies to maintain the lecturers, the study constructed some strategies like to improve their salaries, leadership style, and career development, conducive – work life, adequate well – resourced libraries, recognition and workload. It is recommended that managers (leadership) should be orientated and be trained accordingly before they take up their offices. Retirement, gratuity allowances and remunerations among many things should be paid on time in order to motivate the lecturers.>

Author Keywords:Quality education, Influencing, Private universities, Lecturers, Management.

Work Motivation That Influences the Performance of Employees at a Healthcare Facility in Bangkok, Thailand
Makara Ngorsurachet, Narathip Naewkhamdee, Thichacha Boonruangkhao, Buakaw Arunrak Sombat, Sumonrat Kositkanin
Abstract       pdf Full text PDF

This research is quantitative in nature. The overall objective is to study the level of work motivation of 320 health care employees and to study work motivation factors that influence their performance at a health care facility in Bangkok, Thailand. The research instrument that was used to collect data was a structured survey questionnaire of which the reliability test had the Alpha value of 0.88. The statistical techniques used to analyze the data consisted of both descriptive and inferential statistics. Descriptive statistics included frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation, while inferential statistics included multiple linear regression. The research findings revealed that an increase of 1 unit of employee’s success was correlated with 35 percent of work performance; an increase of 1 unit of employee’s acceptance was correlated with 17.7 percent of work performance; a decrease of 1 unit of job responsibility was correlated with 7 percent of work performance; and an increase of 1 unit of the relationship between co-workers was correlated with 11.8 percent increase in work performance.>

Author Keywords:motivation, performance, health care facility

Management that Affected Employees’ Motivation to Work: A Case Study of Better Food Company Limited
Suni Prajitr
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This study has the objectives to study: (1) the management that affects the motivation to work of employees: (2) employee’s motivation to work; (3) relationships between the management and motivation to work of employees of Better Food Company Limited. The sample of this study was 300 selected employees who worked for Better Food Company Limited. A structured survey questionnaire was used to collect data. Descriptive statistical techniques used to analyze the data consisted of frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation, while inferential statistical techniques were composed of Independent Samples t-test, One-Way ANOVA and Pearson Correlation. Research findings show that the effect of management on employees’ motivation to work is moderately important. The factors that motivated employees to work at medium level are: individual’s work success; acceptance; characteristic of work; and opportunity to grow. Responsibility was ranked as the most important factor, whereas salary, personal relationship, policy and administration, personal living, work stability and line of command were moderately important. In addition, it was found that differences in age, average income, educational level and work experience affect motivation to work differently. And the management was highly related to the employees’ motivation.>

Author Keywords:Management, Administration, Motivation to Work

The Influences of Social Network on Consumer Behavior Today
Teeradech Tewtanom, Suni Prajitr
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This research has the overall objective to study behavior and awareness of consumers who use social network. The survey collected data from 400 consumers in Bangkok. The research findings revealed that most data were collected from: female consumers aged between 20 and 35 years; with bachelor degree; working as a freelancer and earning between 15,001 and 25,000 Baht per month; using social network 2 to 3 times a day for 2 to 3 hours at a time from home between 12.01 and 16.00 hours via mobile phone. The most frequently visited social medium is Instagram. Most users registered for the account by themselves and used the medium for about 2 to 3 years with 501 friends or more. As for the awareness about social network of the consumers, it was found that consumers got to know the applications through some applications. They were familiar with the technology; understood the role of social network in daily life; knew the pro’s and con’s of social network; and knew how to register for an account. The consumers regularly learned and tried new applications and websites and thereby became familiar with new technology and used the network swiftly. They were interested in social network because they always socialized and therefore discovered new websites and applications.>

Author Keywords:----------

Positional Faithfulness and *NC Onset Resolution in Lubukusu: An OT Perspective
Henry Simiyu Nandelenga (Ph.D.),
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Phonological studies have previously shown that a sequence of a nasal plus certain consonants (especially voiceless obstruent) in a syllable onset position is considered marked cross-linguistically. As a result, it may trigger a number of repair mechanisms which have been dubbed *NC effects/resolution. However, what is of interest in this study is that the repair mechanisms are not unconstrained; they seem to target some sound segments for deletion or feature change in certain positions and not others. Segments in psycholinguistically privileged positions invariably resist these repair strategies that are, in fact, expected and regular in the phonology of the language. In this study, data from Lubukusu language (Bantu, Kenya) is used to argue that a Positional Faithfulness (PF) account within an Optimality Theory (OT) framework is required in explaining both the blocking and triggering of such repair processes. The findings indicate that the positional faithfulness of the segments in question determines which one is deleted, merged or which segmental features may be changed in the phonological repairs based on a single constraint hierarchy in an Optimal Grammar of the language>

Author Keywords:-Markedness, *NC effects, optimality, positional faithfulness, phonotactics.

Myths and realities of COVID-19 pandemic and border-crossing strategies by traders and travelers in response to interstate ban in Ebonyi State: Implications for Social Workers
Okah, Paulinus Sunday, Iyiani, Christian Chidozie, Aghedo, Gabriel Usiagu
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Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19 has ravaged the world and adjudged one, if not the deadliest global pandemic ever faced by mankind because of its rate of infection. As a result, countries all over the world imposed lockdown, travel ban and safety guidelines to contain the spread of the virus. These measures were also instituted in Ebonyi state, Nigeria to contain community transmission of the deadly virus. This study explored the myths and realities of COVID-19 pandemic and border-crossing strategies by traders and travelers in response to interstate ban in Ebonyi State and implications for Social Workers. Eighteen participants were purposively selected for the study, with in-depth interview as data collection instrument. Data were analysed with the use of thematic analysis and direct quotes. Study revealed that participants were crossing the closed border through bush paths, hiding in container truck, and bribing the border officials. Study recommended that government should always make adequate provisions for palliatives and adequately sensitize the public before instituting such orders, like the lockdown. Medical social workers should also be involved in the distribution of palliatives and awareness creation.>

Author Keywords:-COVID-19, Crossing strategies, Interstate ban, Myths and realities, Traders, Travelers

Determinants of students’ knowledge and Accessibility of library resources in Schools of Nursing and Midwifery, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital (ATBUTH), Bauchi
Nasallah, Abubakar, Ogbonnaya, N. P., PhD, Adamu, Ahmadu, Othman, Ibrahim Mohammed, Sale, Ahmed, James, J.I., PhD,
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The study was on determinants of students’ knowledge and utilization of library resources in schools of nursing and midwifery, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital (ATBUTH), Bauchi. The study was conducted in schools of Nursing and midwifery, ATBUTH. Two objectives and three corresponding research question and two hypotheses were used. It adopted a descriptive cross-sectional survey research design. A total of 450 students comprising of 265 student nurses and 194 student midwives were used in this study. The entire population of the study was used to take care of subject attrition. The instrument for data collection used in this study was a structured questionnaire. It was validated by three experts. The result was analyzed using Analysis of variance (ANOVA), which yielded a Cronbach Alpha reliability of 0.84. The administration of the instrument was done by the researcher and the research Assistants. Out of the 459 questionnaires administered, 390 copies were returned and used in the analysis. From the duly completed copies of the questionnaire, the required data were generated and analyzed using mean and standard deviation statistics for answering the research questions and the one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) for testing the hypothesis. The findings revealed that majority of Nursing & midwifery students have knowledge about the use of library resources in their respective schools. However, majority of them visit the library only occasionally. Also, there is significant difference in the knowledge of library resources among students at different class level. It was recommended that both the management and academic staff should help in developing interest among students for visiting library by providing them latest and course related books, assign activities through which they took interest in reading books, for this online resource and providing them a spacious and furnished library.>

Author Keywords:-determinants, knowledge and utilization; library resources; nursing and midwifery

A study of Selection and Training Human Resources
Dr. Radhika Wadhera, Ms. Meghna Bodolla
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The selection process is quite lengthy and complex as it involves a series of steps before making the final selection. The procedure of selection may vary from industry to industry, company to company and even from department to department. Every organization designs its selection process, keeping in mind the urgency of hiring people and the prerequisites for the job vacancy. The Training Process comprises of a series of steps that needs to be followed systematically to have an efficient training programme. The Training is a systematic activity performed to modify the skills, attitudes and the behaviour of an employee to perform a particular job.>

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Socio-Environmental Conditions and Prevalence of Intestinal Parasitic Infection among Children in Bauchi Metropolis, Bauchi State
Adamu, Ahmadu, Nasallah, Abubakar, Saleh, Ahmed, Othman, Ibrahim Mohammed, Rifkatu, B. Ajiji
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The study was conducted to investigate the socio-environmental conditions and prevalence of intestinal parasite infection among children in Bauchi metropolis, Bauchi state. The objectives of the study were to determine the prevalence of human intestinal parasite infection in the area of study, determine the relationship between sex of the infected children and to determine the socio-environmental condition of the infected children. Stool samples were collected from five hundred and sixty-two children. The samples were treated and examined microscopically for ova, cyst and eggs of intestinal parasite. The socio-environmental conditions were determined using questionnaire and anthropometric measurement. The result reveals that many children (28.11%) are infected with intestinal parasite. Ascaris lumbricoida, Trichuris trichura, Hookworms and eterobias vermicularis are the common prevailing parasites. While Giadia lamblia is the least common occurring parasite It was also discovered that there is no discrimination of infection among sexes. It was concluded that the prevalence of intestinal parasite infection among children is increasing compared to previous studies and the increase is related to poor socio-environmental condition of the children. It is therefore, recommended that there is need to embark on health education on prevention and control measures of intestinal parasite and government should strengthen and support WHO program of providing free antihelminthes drugs to children.>

Author Keywords:-Intestinal parasites, socio-environmental conditions, prevalence, Bauchi Metropolis

Grievance Handling Mechanism at Indian Oil Corporation: A Case Study of Mathura Refinerey
Dr. Avadhesh Singh
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Human beings as resources are the most valuable assets of any organizations and account for the biggest reason for the success of failure of the organization. If these resources are acquired and managed properly an organization survives all the tests of time and competition. In fact the usage of other physical, material and financial resources depends upon the quality of human resources of the organization. A satisfied work force make the best use of all other resources of the organization to bring out the best results. Public Sector Enterprises being a ‘model employer’ have to maintain a high level of satisfaction among its officers and employees. This needs proper channels through which various issues and grievances related to them are routed to the top level management, where it could be resolved and feedback given to the employees. Grievance may be any genuine or imaging feeling of dissatisfaction or injustice which an employee experience about his job and it's nature, about the management policies and procedures. It must be expressed by the employee and brought to the notice of the management and the organization. Grievances take the form of collective disputes when they are not resolved. Also they will then lower the morale and efficiency of the employees. Unattended grievances result in frustration, dissatisfaction, lower productivity, lack of interest in work, absenteeism etc This paper is based on the study of thegrievance handling mechanism which is being followed by the Mathura Refinery of Indian Oil Corporation. For achieving this objective, officers and non-officers respondents and their responses are used with structured questionnaire and then analyzed through statistical techniques.>

Author Keywords:-Model Employer, Grievance Handling Mechanism, Irrational Management Policies.