An Analytical Study Relating to the Legal Dimensions against Cyberviolence in India
Ms. Deepali Rani Sahoo, Dr. Pooja Kapoor
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Cybercrimes can involve criminal activities that are traditional in nature, such as Hacking, fraud, Phishing, Cyberstalking, Identity stealing,Cyber Extortion, Pornography, Blackmailing, Software piracy, defamation and mischief, all of which are subject to the Indian Penal Code. The abuse of computers has also given birth to a gamut of new age crimes that are addressed by the Information Technology Act, 2000.Our research paper gives a bird eye view relating to the legal dimensions towards cybercrime in India. It also gives special reference to the cybercrime relating to pornography and blackmailing through internet. The study of area has been taken in to consideration of certain cases from Delhi NCR region for the proper study.

Author Keywords:- Doxing, Sexualised extortion, creepshots, up skirting, digital voyeurism, UNCITRAL Model Law, Cyberbullying

The Level of Management of Lecturers in Private Universities of Lusaka Province, Zambia
Mwanza Damiano
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University lecturers are high in human capital value for the development of a nation. In Zambia, there has been inadequate and no-direct empirical evidence of the degree of university lecturer management. The study assessed the level of management of university lecturers in private institutions of Lusaka province, Zambia. A quasi-experimental design which followed a quantitative approach was employed. A mixed methods research strategy was employed, which includes quantitative and qualitative data. Questionnaires were used to collect data by using a sample of 120 from five selected private institutions. Inferential statistics were utilized to test hypotheses using Statistical Package for Social Sciences version 26. The results of the study showed that the level of management of university lecturers in private universities is very low (x = 2.21) due to; lack of training ((x = 2.8), lack academic self-development (x = 2.48); lack of further education attainment (x = 1.4), lack of promotion, lack of human resource, poor communications within the university, lack of support from the top management, lack of support for publication and undertaking research x = 2.65), lack of support to participate in national conferences, seminars and academic article presentation (x = 2.30), and poor conditions of service. In view of the findings, the study recommends that top management should put in place guidelines concerning recruitment, promotion and staff welfare to avoid unnecessary dissatisfaction caused to staff members due to lack of systems. The study also recommends that top management should establish agreements, academic collaborations with other universities and resourceful institutions to enhance and guarantee the sustainability of successful university lectumanagement. Further, top management in private institutions should have policy on budget allocation to support the lecturers to further their higher education.

Author Keywords:-Lecturer, Management, factors, private institution

The Effect of Growth, Profitability and Institutional Ownership on Debt Policy
Mia Syavia, Lia Uzliawati, Agus Sholikhan Yulianto
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The purpose of this research is to discover the impact of Growth, Profitability, and Institutional Ownership on Debt Policy. The independent variables in this study are growth, profitability, and institutional ownership. The dependent variable in this study is debt policy. The population in this study are manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in the 2018 - 2020 period. The study used the purposive sampling method in order to collect the sample. Based on certain criteria, there were 62 of 193 manufacturing companies matched with the sample. The Analytical technique used in this study is multiple linear regression. The analysis was used to test research hypothesis using SPSS 25. The result of this study indicates that growth has a positive effect on debt policy, profitability has a negative effect on debt policy, and institutional ownership has no effect on debt policy.

Author Keywords:Growth, Profitability, Institutional Ownership, Debt Policy

The Economic Crisis of Covid-19 and its Impact on Companies in North Macedonia
Albiona Fatmir Demiri
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The Covid-19 pandemic around the world has brought rapid and unexpected changes to the global economy but also to local companies, which have no plans or teams to manage this crisis and solve these problems that came as a shock to their teams. Companies in various sectors are experiencing severe economic hardship because of the Covid-19 crisis and have had to suspend or significantly reduce operations using different strategies during the pandemic. (Prof. Dr. Izet Zeqiri). This paper will analyze the impact of Covid-19 on business entities in the Republic of Northern Macedonia, how it acted in their activities. Did it negatively affect small, medium, and large, which of the business firms were most affected and how many of those businesses survived?

Author Keywords:Covid crisis, companies, pandemic, economy

The Influence of Supervisory Leadership Training, Job Competence and Job Satisfaction on Career Development through Work Commitments as A Variable Intervening Civil Apparatus of the Padang Pariaman Regency Regional Government
Sal Amini Eka Putra, Suarni, Afrianus, Betty Ernita
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The purpose of this study is to analyze and test the influence of Supervisory Leadership Training, Job Competencies, Job Satisfaction and Job Commitment to Career Development in the District. Padang Pariaman. The population in this study amounted to 59 people consisting of the entire number of civil servants who had participated in supervisory education training in Padang Pariaman Regency. Data retrieval techniques using questionnaires, then instrument tests are carried out, namely validity tests and reliability tests and classical assumption tests. Hypothesis tests use multiple linear regressions. The results of the study concluded that Supervisory Leadership Training has a positive and significant effect on career development, work competence has a positive and significant effect on career development and Job Satisfaction has a positive and significant effect on career development and Work Commitment has a positive and significant effect on career development. Based on data analysis, the results of this study prove a significant influence between Supervisory Leadership Training, Job Competence, Job Satisfaction and Work Commitment to Career Development in Padang Pariaman Regency.

Author Keywords:Leadership Training, Supervisor, Job Competencies, Job Satisfaction, Career Development, Work commitment.

President PUTIN of RUSSIA Begins Dismantling the Global Neoliberal Capitalism and the Financial Matrix of the Deep Mafia and Hegemony of the United States after the Declared Economic Sanctions War against Russia and if He Sells Raw Materials for Gold He Will Bankrupt the West and the United States
Prince Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev, Princess Lady Prof. Mariola Garibova-Dobreva
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The start of the Ukraine-Russia military conflict has led to Western sanctions against Russia, which has led to countermeasures against Russia over its exports of all kinds of raw materials, which has opened Russia's door to dismantling global neoliberal capitalism and financial matrix of the deep mafia.

Author Keywords:War, Economics, Politics, Finance.

Iconography of the Ornaments on the Traditional Minagkabau House in West Sumatra
Ahmad Bahrudin, Rosta Minawati, Miswar, Purwo Prihatin, Sumadi
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The development of traditional ornaments in Minangkabau has been around for several centuries. The Minangkabau traditional building or the Rumah Gadang consists of several lanjars, into a single unit. In certain parts of this building, several carved ornaments. The ornaments in practice are not only decorative. The also reflect certain values related to the life of the supporting community, because traditional Minangkabau ornaments are full of meaning. These ornaments will be reviewed from an iconographic perspective. There are three points that will be examined in this study, namely: What is the expression of the traditional ornaments of the Minangkabau Traditional House; What is the relationship between the theme and the concept (image) contained in the traditional ornaments of the Minangkabau Traditional House; What intrinsic meaning or content is contained in the traditional ornaments of the Minangkabau Traditional House. To answer these questions an iconographic approach is needed which consists of three stages: (1) PreIconographic examination; (2) Iconographic analysis; and (3) Iconological Interpretation. The research method used is a qualitative method, with analytical descriptive analysis. The sample was determined based on purposive sampling technique and data was collected through literature study, observation and interviews. The data was then identified and classified selectively, and then analyzed and interpreted according to the text and context.

Author Keywords:Iconography, Ornaments, Minangkabau, West Sumatra.

Mixed Methods to Study the Interlanguage of Adult Learners of Maltese as a Second Language
Jacqueline Żammit
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Despite the increased interest in learning Maltese as a second language (MSL), there is a lack of research and large-scale studies on MSL, particularly on the best data collecting research method for identifying the learning patterns of adult MSL learners. Without a better understanding of such patterns, it is hard to ascertain whether the learners are on the right track concerning MSL learning. As such, the main objective of this study was to conduct exhaustive research to determine whether employing mixed methods was appropriate to identify if the learning patterns of MSL learners follow a linear pattern or not with reference to verbal tense and aspect. Furthermore, the study investigated whether MSL learners use the imperfett (an aspect referring to action without a time reference that occurs in the future, the present, or repeatedly as a habit) or perfett (a verb form that depicts a complete and finished action and focuses on the end of a situation, generally associated with past events). Considering the significance of required data, this analysis used a variety of methods (a combination of both qualitative and quantitative research methods). Due to logistical limitations, the research included a small group of 35 MSL learners from the state-run Lifelong Learning programme who were at an intermediate level of MSL learning. All targeted participants were adults aged 19 to 74 years old. The mixed method was especially useful for this research because it enabled the targeted participants a voice and ensured that the study results were focused on their experiences. According to Creswell and Poth (2016), the methodological aspects of mixed research methods are cornerstones of scientific research that are designed to avoid any misconception. These aspects are closely related to formulating the research questions, variations, hypothesis, selecting appropriate research design and methodology, and yielding the intended result.

Author Keywords:Mixed Research Methods, Qualitative Research methods, Quantitative Research methods, Maltese as a second language (MSL), adult learners, learning patterns.

Identification of Sicknesses through Women Producers of Herbal Medicine (AGBO) during COVID-19 Pandemic in Southwest Nigeria
Emmanuel, E, OGBU; Chiebuka P UZOEBO; Isaiah, B, ADISA; Ephraim, I, NWOKPORO; Ayoyinka, A, BAKARE; , Emiola, O, OJEDOYIN
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The link between stigmatization and the COVID-19 pandemic is related to how health practitioners categorize sicknesses. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, indigenous medicine has been widely used to combat disease in southwest Nigeria. The study sought to comprehend how Agbo (herbal medicine) women producers identify sicknesses in southwest communities during the COVID-19 pandemic's sudden onset. To pay close attention to the identification of sicknesses, we used a symbolic interaction approach. In Lagos, Oyo, and Ogun States, Nigeria, fifteen semi-structured interviews with Agbo women producers were conducted using the snowballing technique. Content analysis and the Pivot-table analytical tool were used to interpret the data. Agbo women producers identify a sickness based on their belief system, level of openness of patients, observations, spiritual consultations, and healing skills. According to the findings, the majority of herb producers who use previous experiences and observations to guide the identification of sicknesses specialize in short-term patient admission. The majority of illnesses treated had spiritual, cultural, and lifestyle causes. Participants believed that the widespread use of Agbo at the start of COVID-19 was motivated by a desire to avoid being labeled as a coronavirus patient in the community and hospitals.

Author Keywords:Agbo, women producers, community health, COVID-19, herbal medicine, sickness

A Study of Dietician and Nutritionist on Acceptance and Recommendation of Protein Bars in India
Ravinder Varma, Dr. Ajay Bhamare
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With the changing and ever dynamic health & protein market, people are now moving towards healthy lifestyle due one of the primary reasons i.e., the pandemic which pushed people towards preventive health care. Brands have taken initiatives of introducing wide range of products such as protein bars with specific needs to support the nutrition requirement especially for their preventive care. Protein bars seems to have the right composition of healthy ingredients that are balancing between the health and taste. Multiple brands have launched Protein Bars in India like Max Protein bars, Yoga Bars, Mojo Bars, The Whole Truth Bars, Monsoon Harvest Bars, Mettle Bars, Gaia Bars, Nature Valley Bars, Kellogg’s bars, Eat Anytime Bar, Cadbury Fuse Fit Snack Bar, Muscle Blaze Bars and many more. The present study brings insights about the dieticians and nutritionists on acceptance and recommendation of protein bars in India. For this, the researcher has reached out to 80 dieticians and nutritionist across India and out of this 71 were considered post data cleaning and labelling for this study. The statistical tools like simple percentage, Chi Square hypothesis testing are being used. Dieticians and Nutritionist play a vital role in shaping the protein bar industry, because of the dynamic nature of protein market and the ever-changing consumer behaviour, dieticians and nutritionist should learn, adopt, develop and be a part of this growing protein bar market that will bring in more transparency, trust and acceptancy among the consumers to shape the protein bar market of the future. The present study reveals the same. It is concluded that majority of the Dieticians / Nutritionists have validated the protein bar being the best use case consumption for their clients who are leading a hectic lifestyle or don’t have time to cook or are seeking a nutritious protein rich mini meal on the go. Majority of Dietician / Nutritionist recommends protein bar to their clients as inferred in the research work.

Author Keywords:Protein, Dietician, Nutritionist, Awareness, Recommendation, Protein Bar

Factors Influencing Intention to Use LINE@ Application for Bangkok People
Nopchanok Sangchai, Papitchaya Wisankosol.,Ph.D, Eakarat Chaichotchaung
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There are numerous organizations in Thailand have been utilizing web-based life and versatile texting (MIM application) apparatuses for Social media purposes and in users displaying correspondence methods and propelled publicizing, progressions and arrangements procedure. A couple of associations' focuses are to clearly manufacture bargains in light of the MIM users, and this examination separates the suitability of the use of the adaptable application. LINE@ has been illuminating and including online business with the application. LINE endeavor in extending bargains, and moreover its sufficiency of growing customer partition displaying learning and tendencies, customer correspondence, and customer relationship management. The aims of this paper are to find this business advising gadget, especially created for SMEs, has increasingly stepped results on customers correspondence and analysis. Including promoting to target markets and customers, and customers verifying and bargains. Moreover, the instrument was found reasonable in joined promoting and arrangements tries now and again. The examination further exhibited that the results were collected by those associations that have used the application at least once dependably and ordinarily, anyway dependably qualified results were collected in this study. In addition, this examination digressively addresses the noteworthiness of the creating MIM Platforms, and their relating impacts on web-based business and online entrepreneurs and dealers.

Author Keywords:LINE, application, MIM Platforms, customers correspondence, online, entrepreneurs

Play Therapy Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Dr. Ibrahim B. Olanya, Aisha Manjra
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Play is a key aspect of a healthy growing child’s life. It is an avenue through which children express their joyful and traumatic emotions unconsciously.

Author Keywords:-----

The Affecting Factor Purchase Intention of Apple Watch; Case Study of Bangkokians
Ratchayaporn O-sot, Asst. Prof. Dr. Buraporn Kamboon, Dr. Nattawat Pao-poo, Piyarat Rianpreecha
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In the recently year, wearable devices have been increasingly popular. The objective of this research is to explore the factors influencing purchase intention of Apple Watch amongst the people living in Bangkok as a response to the rapid growth of wearable technologies around the world. A conceptual model is developed along with hypotheses based on the Technology Acceptance Model, along with independent variables such as Price, Design, Feature, Brand, Social value. The researcher developed an online questionnaire using Google Forms and distributed them on popular social media platforms to collect data. Out of 530 filled questionnaires, 500 were usable. These qualified respondents know what Apple Watch is, and are living in Bangkok. The eight hypotheses were validated by using different techniques. Among the independent variables in the study, the researcher found the Attitude Towards Using Apple Watch to be the most influential factor, followed by Brand and Social value. However, the result also shows that Design and Feature did not affect Purchase Intention of Apple Watch, but instead affect the Attitude Towards Using Apple Watch which, in contrast, has the strongest relationship with Purchase Intention of Apple Watch. Nonetheless, the factors that had no direct effect on purchase intention are design and social value. The proposed model would offer knowledge and insights to Apple Watch distributors in Bangkok to design marketing strategies and advertise Apple Watch’s prominent points in order to show the people that Apple Watch has what they are looking for in a smart watch.

Author Keywords:Apple Watch, Factors, Purchase intention, Bangkokan

Using GIS Applications for Identification of the Compatibility of Lobster Cultivation Land with KJA Method Based on Water Quality Parameters in Kayeli Bay, Namlea District, Buru Regency, Maluku Province
Muhammad Ikhsan Wamnebo, Abdul Rauf, Jayadi, Kamil Yusuf
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Lobster (Panulirus sp) is a type of marine biota that has important economic value. To find the ideal location for lobster cultivation, it is necessary to conduct a site survey using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. From August to September 2020, data collection of water quality parameters includes temperature, salinity, pH, DO, current velocity, depth, brightness and water sampling for analysis of suspended solids in the laboratory. The bathymetry map shows that the water depth is 2.30-20.00 m, temperature 28.00-32.00°C, salinity 29.00-32.00 UPS, dissolved oxygen 6.11-7.52 mg/l, pH 8.18-8.38, brightness 1.80-5.11, The suspended solids load 2.90-3.20 mg/l, current 0.10-0.30 m/s. The results of the overlay using the Geographic Information System (GIS) application show that Kayeli Bay is suitable for lobster cultivation using the KJA.

Author Keywords:Satellite, Mapping, environment, floating net cages, Lobster (Panulirus sp.)

Employee Satisfaction with a Technology Subsidiary Company in Thailand
Mana Wivatanasak, Ruangwit Aramcharoenrat, Danai Luengkochanart, SarunyuYongpanich, Yothin Pathumrak
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This research is quantitative in nature. The overall objective is to study satisfaction with the job as compared to personal factor of 286 employees at a technology company in Thailand. A structured survey questionnaire as the main instrument to collect data of which the reliability of test score is 0.95. The descriptive statistics used to analyze the data are percentage, mean and standard deviation, while inferential statistics used to test the hypotheses are t-test and One-way ANOVA. The research finding revealed that the level of satisfaction with the job in overall was at high level. When considering each variable, it was found that: job security; acceptance; safety at work; relationship between policy and administration; wage, salary and benefit; work environment; and growth, progress and success were all at high level. For characteristics of job that promote growth and success at work, it was selected at medium level. The t-test did not show any difference. Whereas One-way ANOVA was tested for: job satisfaction; personal factor including age, marital status, number of dependents, educational level, work position, year of work, department of work and monthly compensation using LSD discovered that these influenced some differences in employees’ satisfaction with the technology company at 0.01 and 0.05 respectively. The findings from this research would be beneficial to organizational development and loyalty to the organization as well as determination to work happily. Therefore, the organization should motivate its employees so that they will be satisfied with the job. As a result, goals and objectives will be achieved as planned.

Author Keywords:Job satisfaction, employee, technology

Structure of the Determiner Phrase in Ekegusii: A Minimalist Approach
Edinah Gesare Mose, Phyllis Wacuka Mwangi, Martin Mburu Waweru
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This article that is based on the Minimalist Program examines the structure of the Determiner phrase in Ekegusii, a Bantu language spoken in Kenya. There is the assumption that the Minimalist Program (MP) is a Universal Grammar Theory which can account for syntactic phenomena in human languages. However, for Ekegusii determiner phrase, this has not been accounted for adequately. The data used in this article was extracted from Mose’ Masters’ thesis. A descriptive research design was used. Then purposive sampling was done whereby it was carried out in three stages. First, the researcher targeted 10 native speaker respondents who wrote a composition each. Secondly, the researcher sampled the appropriate sentential constructions from the compositions depending on the structure of the determiner phrase. Thirdly, the researcher sampled stories from the Ekegusii Bible and written Ekegusii sources. A total of 140 sentential constructions were used for the analysis. The findings indicated that the DP in Ekegusii projects various functional projections. They include demonstrative phrase (DemP), possessive determiner phrase (PossD) and quantifier phrase (QP). Further, the DP can have adjunction in form of Adjective phrases, prepositional phrases and relative clauses. The order in which all these elements occur varies. For instance, in a situation where all the functional elements are present, the noun complement comes first, then demonstratives, followed by possessives and lastly the quantifiers. However, when there is adjunction, the D elements follow the noun, then adjective phrases which are either followed by a relative clause or a prepositional phrase, or prepositional phrase and then the relative clause. The article concludes that in the DP structure in Ekegusii, all functional projections and adjunction is generally post-nominal.

Author Keywords:Determiner phrase, Minimalist program, projection, movement, feature checking

The Role of Financial Literacy to Mediate the Impact of Financial Access and Financial Performance toward Financial Management of MSMEs in Jember Regency
Vega Isdarini, Isti Fadah, Intan Nurul Awwaliyah
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The purposed this research to analyse financial acces and financial performance on financial management with financial literacy intervening variabels in MSMEs in Jember Regency. This research is quanitative appoarch, uses a purposive sampling technique or the so-called sampling technique based certain criteria determined, the research sample is 250 SMEs. The analysis uses Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) and SmartPLS 3.0 to test the relationship beetwen variables. The variables used exogenous variables or independent variables are financial access and financial performace, the ondogenous or the dependent variables is financial management, and intervening variables is financial literacy. The result of research, financial access have a significant effect on financial literacy, financial performance has significant effect on financial literacy, financial access has no significant effect on financial management, financial performance has a significant effect on financial management, financial literacy has a significant efeect on financial management, financial literacy mediated the effect of financial access on financial management, and financial literacy mediate the effect of financial performance on financial management of MSMEs in Jember Regency.

Author Keywords:Financial Literacy, Financial Access, Financial Performance, Financial Management

Research on the Impact of Barriers to Cross-Border Data Flows on Digital Services Trade Competitiveness Mediation Effect Analysis Based on FDI in the Services Industry
Dong Yinguo, Xiao Baixue, Wang Xiaocui
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Barriers to cross-border data flows discourage multinational digital services enterprises from investing, which is bound to affect the competitiveness of a country's service trade. This paper explores the mechanism of barriers to cross-border data flows affecting the competitiveness of services trade and constructs a mediating effect model for empirical testing. The results show that barriers to cross-border data flows have a significant inhibiting effect on the competitiveness of digital services trade and can pass on the impact by reducing FDI. A sound ICT infrastructure and a high level of human capital can boost the country's competitiveness in digital services trade. It also shows that fiscal and market access restrictions, institutional establishment restrictions, and trade restrictions all reduce the competitiveness of trade in digital services.

Author Keywords:Barriers to cross-border data flows; Competitiveness; Digital services Trade

Adoption of Improved Maize Seeds and Technical Efficiency of Household Farms in NDE Department
Jean Ronald FOTIE NKUETE, Martini Rodrigue MBOCK, Hervé Bertrand YAKAN, Pierre FEUJIO TEGUEFOUET
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This study examines the effects on technical efficiency of adopting improved maize seeds on 80 maize farms in Ndé department of western Cameroon. Using the stochastic production frontier model of sample selection, selection bias from observable and unobservable farmer characteristics was taken into account because farmers self-select to adopt improved maize technologies. The results indicate that adopters are more technically efficient than non-adopters. Furthermore, adoption of improved maize seeds is associated with increased productivity of maize farms, compared to non-adoption. Furthermore, the results show significant inefficiencies in production and thus a large scope for improving farmers' technical efficiency through better use of the resources available at the current level of technology.

Author Keywords:Adoption, Improved maize seed, Propensity Score Matching, Stochastic frontier Production, Technical Efficiency

Prince Prof. Momchil Dobrev-Halachev’s and Princess Prof. Mariola Garibova-Dobreva’s - THEORY AND PRACTICE OF THE HUMAN SOCIAL GENOCIDE – 2006 and the CYCLE - FORMULA OF THE TUNNEL SYSTEM - SPIRAL - CENTROFUGE OF THE HUMAN GENOCIDE of NEOLIBERAL GLOBAL NEOFASCISM – the area of the Deep Mafia for slavery but the individual, nations, nations through Mafiaism - PART OF THE PLAN FOR IMPOSING A NEW WORLD ORDER
Prince Lord Prof. PhD Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev, Princess Lady Prof. Mariola Garibova
Abstract       pdf Full text PDF

Prince Lord PhD PhD Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev and Princess Prof. Dr. Mariola Angelova Garibova 2006 created the Theory of Social Genocide of the Neoliberal Global Neo-Fascism of the Deep Mafia.

Author Keywords:Genocide, social, mafia.

Influence of Audit Opinion, Audit Committee, Company Size and Profitability to Audit Delay on Food and Beverage Sector Manufacturing Companies listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange 2016-2020
Tri Handayani, Marsyaf, Safira Nur Azizah, Marina Nur Kholifah
Abstract       pdf Full text PDF

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of audit opinion, audit committee, firm size, and profitability on audit delay in sub-sector and beverage manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for the period 2016 – 2020. The sample selection technique used was purposive sampling from 18 companies with number of samples 60. This data collection method uses secondary data obtained by SPSS 23. This research method uses multiple linear regression analysis which is used to determine the effect of independent variables with inhibitory variables simultaneously and partially. The results of this study indicate that audit opinion, audit committee, firm size and profitability have an effect on audit delay.

Author Keywords:Audit Delay, Audit Opinion, Audit Committee, Firm Size, Profitability

Effect of Parental Involvement on Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in Nnewi Education Zone, Anambra State
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Many factors such as poor parental supervision and involvement have continued to affect students’ academic performance with detrimental consequences for all stakeholders. Given this concern, this study explored the effects of parental involvement on secondary school students’ academic performance in Anambra State using Nnewi Education Zone. The study adopted a quantitative research design. The sample size of the study was 289 senior secondary class two (SS 2) students who were selected through a Multi-stage sampling procedure. Purposive sampling was used to select the education Zone while systematic sampling was used to select 2 schools from each of the 4 local Government Councils that make up the Nnewi Education Zone. The actual participants were selected using intact classes which were selected through simple random sampling technique. The final sample was 289 senior secondary class two (SS 2) students. In the data collection, 13-item Parental Involvement Questionnaire (PIQ) was adapted from the 40-item Family Involvement Questionnaire High School (FIQ-HS) version by Grover (2015) while the annual average academic performance records of the students were used to measure students’ academic performance. Both measures were validated by experts from Measurement and Evaluation units of the Institution while Cronbach’s reliability analysis was used in the pilot study to establish reliability measures of the instruments. Data was analyzed using analysis of variance (ANOVA). Findings reveal that students whose parents were involved in their academic activities performed better than those whose parents were not involved. Males performed better than females when their parents were involved in their academic activities whereas there is interaction effect between parental involvement and gender on students’ academic performance. Findings imply that it is parental obligation to supervise and get involved in their children’s academic activities as it helps to improve students’ performance. It is therefore recommended that the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders find effective means to deepen parental education and sensitization on the benefits of being involved in their children’s academic activities and supervision.

Author Keywords:Academic performance, academic activities, parental involvement, parental supervision, secondary school education

The Impact of the European Union - Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) On Expoting Agricultural Products from Vietnam to European Union (EU)
Nguyen Hai Toan, Phan Thi Lien, Pham Thu Huong, Pham Huy Hoang, Nguyen Nhat Duy, Vu Quang Hai
Abstract       pdf Full text PDF

This study focuses on analysing the impact of EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) on exporting agricultural products from Vietnam to EU. The signing of this agreement is considered to be positive to Vietnam with the advantage of exporting agricultural products. The study uses quantitative research through SMART model with data about export and import turnover of agricultural products of 24 headings (2- digit HS code) of agricultural products in the scenario of tariff reduction to zero when EVFTA comes into effect and other necessary parameters. The analytical result shows the rise in exporting agricultural products from Vietnam to EU when EVFTA is valid. Based on research result, we propose some policies to promote the export of agricultural products from Vietnam to EU in the future.

Author Keywords:EVFTA, agricultural products, Vietnam, EU, exportation.

Language Is a Civilized Human Phenomenon Origin, Development, and Theories the Asian Languages Is a Model
Jehad feyzoleslam
Abstract       pdf Full text PDF

There is no doubt that everyone agreed to make language one of the human characteristics with distinction and exclusive to humans, but the dispute occurred and the discussion took place over how humans speak language, how when? where? From this standpoint, the science of language and its derivations and branches appeared. Many researchers have been exposed to this important question, and I mean the emergence, development and diversity of the language, including Asian. There is still a lot of mystery, ambiguity and ambiguity surrounding the issue of language, and theories in this field are still not mature, and many questions keep coming in the minds of many, including how did language begin? How did it originate? How did you develop? What is the closest theorizing to reality? Is it possible to know the truth of language? These questions made the researcher to present a talk in this research paper to reach some results.

Author Keywords:language, theorizing, evolution, the emergence of the Asian language, languages

Corporate Performance and Working Capital Management in Nigeria during the COVID -19 Pandemic Period
OHIAERI, Nnnenna Victoria, OLADIMEJI, Johnson Abiodun, FAMIYIWA, Richard Sunday
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The Covid-19 pandemic brought the world to its knees. The demand for goods and services plummeted and adversely impacted the projected revenues of most entities. While the service industries were able to continue in operations by moving their services online, the manufacturing industry has not been that lucky. The pandemic period has been one of tightened cash flows, reduced revenues, poor cash conversion cycle and inadequate working capital. Most entities impacted by the pandemic explored many creative means to better manage their working capital. This study therefore examines the relationship between working capital management and profitability of public listed manufacturing companies in Nigeria during the Covid-19 Pandemic using panel data between 2019 and 2020. Data for this study were sourced from the financial reports of 10 listed entities in the manufacturing space. The study adopts the panel regression approach and summary of descriptive statistics. The findings from the regression analysis revealed that working capital management respectively has significant effects on the manufacturing firms’ operating profitability margin , return on assets and return on equity during Covid-19 period in Nigeria.. Consequently the study concludes that working capital management strategies significantly impacts on corporate performance in Nigeria thus justifying the negative fluctuation in the operating performance of the firms Nigeria during Covid-19 period.

Author Keywords:Pandemic, Nigeria, Working Capital, profitability and manufacturing firms.

Perception of Foreign Tourists’ to The Names of Woku and Nike Food
Rutty Kapoh, Femmy Lumempouw, Julaiha Kiay Modjo, Johan Ferdinand Sahetapy
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The research entitled “The Perception of Foreign Tourists to the Names of Woku and Nike Food” was conducted to enhance and complement the previous research that has been done. The problems that arise are (1) Do foreign tourists know the names of woku and nike food? and (2) Do foreign tourists like to eat woku and nike?. This study aims to (1) identify and classify the name recognition of woku and nike food by foreign tourists, and (2) analyze (interpret) the level of consumptiveness of foreign tourists to woku and nike food through the taste factor for food in a measurement scale a. like it, b. like, c. dislike, d. do not like. The method used is a qualitative descriptive method with phenomenological characters through an ethnographic approach. A quantitative method to complete the research. Techniques and data collections are observation and interviews. The research locations are tourist attractions, restaurants, and inns visited by foreign tourists in North Sulawesi Province. The Naming theory (Palmer, 1976) and anthropological linguistic theory (Foley, 1997) complemented by tourism theory (Pitana, 2009) and descriptive statistical theory (Sudjana, 1976) are an eclectic mix that is used to measure the level of consumptiveness of foreign tourists towards woku and nike food. The results of the research are tourists generally know and like woku and nike food. The percentage of the consumptive level of the liking factor for woku food is 95% liking and 5% liking. Meanwhile, the percentage of the consumptive level of the liking factor for Nike food is 37.5% liking and 62.5% liking.

Author Keywords:food name, culinary tourism, consumptive level

GENOCIDE OF LAW - the neoliberal neo-fascist mafia of the Chamber of Private Enforcement and its chairman Private Enforcement Agent GEORGI DICHEV in Bulgaria and the full support of this mafia from the prosecutor's office, court, Ministry of Justice, National Assembly, Bulgaria - The mafia has a state and union - THE EUROPEAN UNION - the support of the EUROPEAN UNION and the EUROPEAN COMMISSION, chaired by Barroso, Juncker, Ursula von der Leyen
Prince Lord Prof. Momchil Dobrev- Halachev
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Lord prof PhD PhD Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev developed 2008 “Theory of generating of crises”, 2010 “Theory and practice of the Mafiotism” and 2001 “Theory of the mafia”. Based on these two theories this paper explains the establishment of mafiotismus all over the world - principles, theory and praxis in the European Union, European Commission and in the Republic of Bulgaria

Author Keywords:Mafiotism, Crise, mafia, corruption, theory, finance.

Gastronomy Heritage of Minahasan Traditional Food and Spicy
Rina Palisuan Pamantung, Mercy Mantau, Maxi Kojong
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Minahasan traditional food and spicy are considered gastronomy heritage in North Sulawesi because it is one of the cultures that exist nowadays. The fact is that Minahasan traditional food become a strong cultural heritage and still survives today with the appearance of the lexicon in the form of typical food names of the original Minahasa with its variations and modifications which are not reduced but continue to grow. The method used is the qualitative method through an ethnographic approach at the level of descriptive synchronic linguistics. Analysis of data was taken with the interpretation and reconstruction measures through the analysis of meaning components (Nida, 1976). Variations and modifications of the lexical form of Minahasan traditional food are diverse. Categorization of food and beverage with food label linulut and non-linulut showed that the variation of the name of the food and beverage is not only derived from the components of food, way, cooking appliance, or a history of ethnic arrival in Minahasa, but also from the original clan (fam) of Minahasa. Thus, not only the reference of the nomenclature of plants, talun ‘forest trees’ like RW Eveready and uma 'garden', but also humans, for example, Bobengka.

Author Keywords:Minahasan traditional names, linulut, non-linulut.