Volume 4 ~ Issue 6, November-December (2022)

Legal Protection for Doctors during the Covid19 Pandemic Review from Civil Law, Criminal Law, and Law No 2009 Concerning Health
Faridatul Fauziah, M. Fauzan Mukhlis
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Corona virus disease-19 (Covid-19) is a disease that can easily spread and infect anyone, including medical personnel. Handling COVID by health workers such as doctors, is faced with a dilemma because the disease itself is easy to transmit to other people. Doctors are a profession that is at the forefront of dealing directly with Covid-19. In conditions like this, doctors sometimes become victims/died in order to protect the public from the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. This type of research is normative juridical with the main sources of legal material being the Civil Code and the Criminal Code and Law no. 36 of 2009 concerning Health. Law Number 36 of 2009 concerning Health Article 83 paragraph 2 states that the government guarantees legal protection for everyone according to their abilities. The importance of fulfilling the rights of doctors to be able to work according to medical standards. In the critical condition of the Covid-19 pandemic as it is today, the availability of PPE for doctors is one of the essential elements that must be met for doctors to fulfill the element of safety for doctors. In civil law, the doctor-patient relationship states that doctors in carrying out medical practice have the right to obtain complete, honest and clear information from patients or their families. health, then this can lead to criminal acts that are included in acts of persecution or crimes that endanger public safety for people

Author Keywords:- Protection For doctors, Covid19, Civil Law, Criminal law, Health Law

Improvement of Production Process Using CPPB-IRT and WISE Standards in the Tofu Industry: A Case Study
Bambang Suhardi, Dina Nurfitri Rahma, Irwan Iftadi
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Tofu is one of the most consumed foods because of its delicious taste, low price and high protein content. The tofu industry in Indonesia has experienced a relatively rapid increase both on a small, medium and large scale. However, the production process is still carried out traditionally involving many tools and materials and is feared to cause food contamination that can endanger health. The quality of a product can be maintained if the manufacturer has a system that ensures the product meets the standards set. In addition, every food industry is required to have a Home Industry Food Production Certificate (SPP-IRT). To obtain SPPIRT, several aspects are assessed by the CPPB standard regulated by BPOM. This study aims to evaluate the implementation of CPPB-IRT using the CPPB-WISE standard and provide suggestions for improvement. The results showed there are 14 CPPB-WISE criteria, and the suitability of the implementation of CPPB-WISE in the Tofu industry was 58%.shows the need for improvement in the production process to comply with the established standards. Priority improvements are carried out using the brainstorming method to obtain improvement priorities on four criteria: storage, employee health and hygiene, equipment cleanliness and production area. Improvements include implementing a 5S work culture, poster making and preparing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Evaluation and proposed improvements can help the Tofu industry improve the production process and working conditions.

Author Keywords:Tofu, CPPB-IRT, WISE, Brainstorming, 5S

An Analysis of the Mediating Role of Universities in the Achievement of Industrialization in Selected Universities in Kenya
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Globally, university partnerships and collaborations have been identified as key pillars in technology transfer which translates to development outcomes for society. Kenyan universities have been facing many challenges especially low financing and high enrolment which have affected their roles in as far as development of technology is concerned. Through the Kenya Vision 2030 strategy and the Big Four Agenda, there has been intensified efforts to strengthen university linkages with firms/industries with the aim of achieving industrialization. In this study descriptive survey design with a multiple case analysis approach was used to analyze the mediating role of universities in achievement of industrialization in Kenya. The specific objectives of the study were: to determine the extent of technology transfer from universities to industries in Kenya, to establish the causal relationship between universities and Industries in Kenya and to find out the hindrances to the linkage between universities and Industries in Kenya. Both qualitative and quantitative data was collected. The respondents of the study were purposively selected due to the unique nature of the study. This study established that both public and private universities in Kenya are the main source of technology transfer to firms, even though the products/services are not visible in the market. The study further revealed that there was no causal relationship between universities and firms/industries in Kenya implying that technology transfer was one way. Finally this study identified several hindrances to linkages between universities and firms/industries which include: over-reliance on imported products/services, poor education systems and competing interests between universities and firms/industries. Policy recommendations include institutionalized linkages between universities and firms/industries, promotion of multidisciplinary approach to learning and research and a complementary relationship between universities and firms/industries rather than competition.

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Analysis of the Military Attributes Selection Based on Ergonomic Aspects in the Indonesian National Armed Forces
Bambang Suhardi, Annafis Manaruzzaki, Faiz Shafwan Hanif, Maria Fiata Hestyrosari, Nadia Alfi Nur Farikha
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This paper presents a summary of several studies on the use of ergonomics in the military. The purpose of this research was to analyze the value of ergonomics in the military field. To collect, identify, and evaluate problems in the military field, this study used a literature review study method. The data used in this study were secondary data sources. The relevant journals as the research data were obtained from Google Scholar and Scopus. "The application of ergonomics in the military field" was the keyword used in the article search. The review showed that ergonomics issues in the military field were important to apply to overcome the soldiers that may become easily tired and uncomfortable when wearing the clothes. This review concludes that the application of ergonomics in the military field by paying attention to the design of the related clothing is very important.

Author Keywords:Ergonomics, Military, Clothing

Timber Theft: Environmental and Economic Threat to Nigeria: A Review Paper
Oyediji olubukola tolulope, Adenika O.A
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Nigeria has in abundance rich forest resources but as the years passes it has suffered from large scale deforestation due to over-population and higher demand for wood/ wood products. Harvesting of timber without the permission of the owner or not paying for timber that was harvested with the permission of the owner puts humans/animals at risk of having a quality life; we put at stake the stability of climate, and endanger the existence of other species. This paper review examined and evaluated the various causes of timber theft, adverse effect of timber theft on the environment and economic atmosphere of the forest, constraints to reducing timber theft and ascertained perceived ways forward to reduce timber theft. While corruption, poverty and poor agricultural practices are some of the causes of timber theft, government weakness in parts or in entirety (that is, conflicts and war), failure of institutional controls, and absence of accountability by public officials are some of the motives for timber theft. Failure to assign a proper value to forests predisposes it to being cleared especially when regarded as a public good. Insufficient manpower, absence of equipment/lack of capacity building, government preferences and much importance on revenue generation as against the conservation of biodiversity are some of the challenges faced by forest reserve protection bodies. This paper recommends that forestry department should embark on community based forest management system, necessary financial support should be provided for the forestry officials by government in other to allow them carry out their work at the appointed time and effectively.

Author Keywords:Timber theft, Threat, Environment, Economy

The Catalyst for Sustainable Rural Development and Poverty Reduction in Zambia
Mr Farai Mashoko, Dr. Ibrahim Olanya Bwalya, Prof Ronald Kaulule
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Rural development is more than ever before linked to entrepreneurship. Now a day’s Institutions and individuals promoting rural development see entrepreneurship as a strategic development interference that could speed up the rural development progression. However, entrepreneurship stands as a vehicle to improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities to sustain a healthy economy and environment. The entrepreneurial point of reference to rural development accepts entrepreneurship as the central force of economic growth and development, without it other factors of development will be wasted. The acceptance of entrepreneurship as a central development force by itself will not lead to rural development and the advancement of rural enterprises. There is an urgent need to enable environment entrepreneurship in rural areas, Gómez-Araujo, E. J. (2012). The existence of such an environment depends on policies promoting rural entrepreneurship. The efficiency of such policies in turn depends on an intangible structure about entrepreneurship, i.e., what it is and where it comes from.

Author Keywords:Enterprise, rural area, sustainability etc.

MFI Contributions to Poverty Reduction in Petauke District, Zambia
Prof Gideon C. Mwanza, Prof Edward Nakasala, Mr Francis Daka, Mrs Doreen Mushele
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Microfinance institutions are a viable way of poverty alleviation in Zambia. However, from inception of microfinance Institutions in the country, the main concern was the social performance of the institutions neglecting business or financial wellbeing of the organizations. For sustainable ways of alleviation poverty, the Microfinance institutions needed to have strong and sound financial performance by lending more and more without much segregation which is reflected by an increase in the loan portfolio. It further refers to the financial profitability and viability or the ability of MFIs to cover operating expenses by its operating revenue, which are measured by the return on assets (ROA) and operating self-sufficient ratio (OSS) Concerns were raised in the Microfinance transparency report in 2011 that the MFI industry in Zambia had poor financial performance indicating that it was below African standards. The main aim of this study therefore assessed the financial inclusion and performance of MFIs in rural districts of Zambia from 2021 to 2022. This research was focused mainly on the outreach of microfinance institutions to rural areas and help in alleviating the stinking poverty levels for the rural dwellers as well as to ascertain whether the microfinance institutions in Zambia have high outreach to the poor from the inception in the early 2000. The research methodology used was pure descriptive research design. The population under consideration was all prudentially regulated 24 MFIs in Zambia 4 of them being the rural area. Data was collected using mostly secondary sources such as financial statements from Finca, AMIZ, Finca, FFC and the MIX market; however primary sources were also used by the use of questionnaires. Data was analysed using locality analysis, trend analysis and loan accessibility by the target clientele e.g. government workers, business men and farmers.

Author Keywords:Poverty alleviation, Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), Loan portfolio.

Factors Contributing To the Importance of Strategic Dimension to Management
Gideon C. Mwanza Prof, Prof Edward Nakasala, Prof Julius Siwale, Gideon Mwanza and Mrs Doreen Mushele
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This paper reviews the role of strategic management, how critical it is in the organization into todays operations organization , how strategies works and how it can help see the organization in a different dimension of strategic position in turn see the increasing of the customer expectation. The paper also continues to see how strategies may see the organization have competition and improve the the organization wants to its self be in future. The paper focuses on the processes on how strategies may be implemented in the organization, expanding on the mission, visions and discussing on how the strategic development and coming up with the systems that may bring the analytical way and come up with the solutions to the challenges the organizations may be faced with. The paper in addition discusses the incremental view of the strategies that may be used in the organization. This paper also describes the trends in the organizations, challenges faced by people in the organizations, new ways of operating, new relationship, and how strategies can add value to the organization. The paper will be discussing how the strategies becomes routine and how it may be complexes and how strategies may addressed problems and in turn come with solutions to the problem.

Author Keywords:Management challenges, increased customers expectation, increased competition, improved consumers rights, strategic decision, level of strategy, mission, vision, policy systematic planning and strategic development, and organizational capabilities.

Analysis of The U.S Exceptionalism Phenomenon, Stock Market Investment Momentum, and Its Implications on Indonesias Economic Growth
Reginald Suryanto, Nuning Trihadmini
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This research focuses on three things: the analysis of U.S Exceptionalism, the implications of U.S Exceptionalism on Indonesia's economic growth, and technical analysis to find the momentum to enter the US stock market. The variables used as a proxy for U.S Exceptionalism are M2, the MSCI Index, and the US Bond Yield. An explanation of the U.S Exceptionalism phenomenon that is occurring in the United States throughout 2021, is carried out through variance decomposition analysis with economic growth as the central variable. This study uses the Moving Average Convergence / Divergence (MACD) to find the momentum to enter the US stock market. The results show that the three variables representing US exceptionalism have contributed to Indonesia's economic growth sequentially; MSCI was 24.33%, US Bond Yield was 7.41%, and M2 was 5.59%. Meanwhile, for a time the phenomenon of U.S Exceptionalism contributed 30.13% to Indonesia's economic growth. From the technical analysis, we can find three entry points that can be used to enter the US stock market throughout 2021, namely in March 2021, June 2021, and October 2021.

Author Keywords:U.S Exceptionalism, Stock Market, Investment Momentum, Economic Growth, Covid-19 Pandemic.

Repositioning of Human Resource Management in 21st Century
Gideon C. Mwanza Prof, Prof Edward Nakasala, Prof Julius Siwale, Gideon Mwanza and Mrs Doreen Mushel
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This paper reviews the role of human resource management (HRM) which, today, plays a strategic partnership role in management. The focus is to outline the origins and the recent main changes and developments in the employment relationship, to debate the nature of HRM phenomenon and the different perspectives from which it is viewed: as a restatement of existing personnel practice, as a new managerial discipline and repositioning of human resource. This paper further describes the trends in organizations, challenges faced by people in the organizations, new ways of operating, new relationship, and how HRM can add value to the organization and as a strategic and international function.

Author Keywords:Management challenges, new ways of operating, organizational capabilities, managing organizational learning in a new way, relationships, new function of HRM and integrating performance management practice.

THEORY of TYPES OF SOVEREIGNTY and DEGREES OF SOVEREIGNTY by Prof. Momchil Dobrev and Prof. Mariola Garibova-Dobreva from 2009 and conquest of countries and nations by the deep mafia through their control and management
Prince Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev, Princess Lay Prof Mariola Garibova-Dobreva
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Lord prof PhD PhD Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev and Prof. Mariola Garibova-Dobreva developed 2009 "Theory of types of sovereignty and degrees of sovereignty" based on a complete analysis of the types of sovereigns in a country in dependence on modern trends and the modern development of societies on planet Earth.

Author Keywords:--sovereignty, law, mafia, corruption, theory.

The Insignificant Role of Language Mindset, on Language Achievement of EFL Tertiary Learners at Hasanuddin University Makassar
Marningsih Sadik, Abidin Pammu, Nasmilah
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The objective of this study is to uncover the emerging insignificant role of language mindset on language achievement of tertiary learners at one of the leading institutions in South Sulawesi Indonesia. It is becoming prevalent that mindset can be a bias originated from individuals surroundings; which would be pointless without being accompanied with continued and productive actions to support the attainment of learning goal. A total of 44 participants of EFL learners of batch 2021 from English Department of Hasanuddin University participated in this study. They were considered eligible for the assessment using Language Mindsets Inventory (LMI) and TOEFL ITP score. This study employed mix-method to find out the potential relations between the two assessed variables by gathering data from the learners during the semester. The result showed that language mindset and language achievement were negatively correlated of -0.377 indicating that language mindset played insignificant roles in promoting language learning outcomes. The finding confirms that this negative correlation was due to the absence of relevant prolonged actions to expect the learning results. In addition, the mindset they had were mostly influenced by their surroundings which were not genuinely invested to their real life. This finding can shed the light of further study regarding the long-year proven significant role of language mindset towards language achievement. The study bears an important pedagogical implication for tertiary lecturers to encourage and strengthen the students mindset to improve their learning.

Author Keywords:--Language Mindset, Language Achievement, Insignificant Correlations.

Factors Affecting the Utilisation of Nursing Care Plan at Kafue District Hospital
Prof. Gideon C. Mwanza, Prof Edward Nakasala, Prof Julius Siwale, Gideon Mwanza, Mary Mwanza, Ms Doreen Mushele
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This study was done at Kafue District Hospital to determine the factors affecting the utilization of the nursing care plan by nurses. The research necessitated by the fact that despite the knowledge that the nurses gain on the nursing care plan through basic nursing training, workshops, in-service training and experience, the problem of underutilization of this tool still continue to exist. A nursing care plan is a very essential tool in the delivery of quality care in the health institution. However, its utilization has not reached desirable level in many countries, Zambia inclusive. Therefore, understanding the factors that influence the utilization of the nursing care plan will help realize the areas that require re-enforcement in order to reach the required standard of nursing care. The literature reviewed on the nursing care plan revealed that only few studies have been done on the utilization of the nursing care plan especially on the regional and national perspective. Local studies done indicated that nursing care plan was underutilized and that the overall quality of nursing care was affected by a number of factors such as lack of hospital policy, ineffective in-service policy, ineffective in-service training, and lack of encouragement from the supervisors and shortage of staff among others. The study design was descriptive cross section which used both quantitative and qualitative method with its study site being Kafue District Hospital in Kafue district. Convenience sampling procedure was used on all nurses who were found working on duty. Structured questionnaire was used to collect quantitative and qualitative data from 66 respondents which were analyzed by using SPSS 16.0 version. The respondent's cooperation with the research team was very helpful and much appreciated. Majority of the respondents (80%, 53) received inadequate training on nursing care plan while (20%, 13) of the respondents had adequate training. The findings from this study indicate that there is low utilization of the nursing care plan at Kafue district hospital. The study shows that (100%) of the nurses at KDH had heard about the nursing care plan. The study also revealed that most of respondents (80%) received inadequate training on nursing care plan and most of the respondents (79%, 52) had positive attitude towards the utilization of the nursing care plan. However, despite having high level of knowledge, adequate training and positive attitude towards the nursing care plan the study showed that the utilization of the nursing care plan by nurses at Kafue District Hospital (KDH) was low, thus low utilization was 83%. Recommendations will be made to Kafue District Hospital management, which will lead to notable progress in improving the utilization of the nursing care plan at the hospital thereby improving the quality of individualized patient care at the Hospital. In short, the most likely benefits of using the nursing care plan are that there will be improvements in patient care, improved patient satisfaction, and better patient feedback. The patient's hospital stay will be shortened allowing them to continue with life. The hospital and the nursing profession will enjoy a good name. Factors identified to affect utilization in this study were; motivation, attitude, staffing levels and supervision From the stated findings the following recommendations were made; Kafue District Hospital and Kafue District Health Office (KDHO) management to ensure Nursing care plan (NCP) tools always in stock in all wards and ensure good staffing levels, the General Nursing council to follow up staff development in skills training like the Nursing care plan and the Ministry of Health to conduct a research on the utilization of the nursing care plan on a wider scale to enable generalization of the findings.

Author Keywords:--Nursing trends, Nursing care, practitioners of nursing, dynamism in disease approaches to nursing care, Factors influencing utilization of nursing care plan, Resistance to change.

Muna Peoples Emotional Speech at Tampo Market
Fitriani Basri, Harlina Sahib, Kaharuddin
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Muna language is the main communication tool used for social activities such as cultural activities, traditional ceremonies, and other activities.Therefore, it is necessary to develop and study regional languages or research in order to improve the quality of language use. This is one way to respond to linguistic problems that can start from the sound level of phonemes, morphemes, words, phrases, clauses, sentences to the level of discourse. But in this study only focuses on the level of words, phrases, and sentences.Therefore, researchers are interested in conducting research aimed at describing the emotional utterances of the Muna people in the Tampo market based on the types of emotions and the forms of words, phrases and sentences.The benefit is that it adds to the repertoire of the development of linguistics.The results showed that there were six types of emotions expressed by the Muna people in the Tampo market environment, namely, (1) angry emotions, (2) happy emotions, (3) sad emotions, (4) praise emotions, (5) annoyed emotions, and (6) the emotion of fear. These six types of emotion are divided into three forms namely, words, phrases and sentences. The word is divided into types of adjectives, verbs, nouns and pronouns. Adjectives or adjectives marked by the word 'stupid' lolu. Verbs are marked with the word 'pinch'. Nouns or nouns are marked with the word thank you 'thank you', and pronouns or pronouns are marked with the word sitani 'devil'. In the form of the phrase there are also adjectives, nouns and pronouns. The adjective phrase is marked by the word nakababaru sepaliha 'very naughty'. Noun phrases are marked by the word padam tapolangana 'already subscribed'. And pronominal phrases are marked by the word 'I like'. While the sentence form consists of declarative sentences, imperative sentences, and interrogative sentences. Declarative sentences are marked with the sentence forms Nokodoho port, Nando bara bhe paisemo haragano fixed nopototo, damokosinihiane tabea motoro inia 'The port is far away, there is no goods, the price remains the same, except we want to fill this motorbike with water', and Noramemo Tora ka'asi , Nembalimo d apoghonu-ghonuimo Tora keno p atudhuno inia oanahihia powuntakano wula so peace, dapororeaha naini 'Rame mi pity, so let's all gather again.

Author Keywords:--Muna language, Types of emotions, Forms of emotions.

GENOCIDE of LAW, JUSTICE, JUSTICE and ITS MAFIOTIZATION - there is no RULE OF LAW in Bulgaria! The mafia has a country! Support of this neo-liberal neo-fascist deep mafia in Bulgaria from the USA - Presidents Obama, Trump, Biden and from the EUROPEAN Commission with presidents Barroso, Jean Claude Juncker, Ursula von der Layen!! Loses of over 290 Bil Euros!!
Prince Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev
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Lord prof PhD PhD Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev and Prof. Mariola Garibova-DObreva developed 2006 "Theory of degree of democracy" and "Theory of degree of justice/injustice/" based on their practice in court, prosecutor's office, state. Since 2003, Prof. Momchil Dobrev has been creating the Theory of Corruption, "Theory of the Mafia, "Theory of Mafiaism", "Financial Banking Resource Technological Mafiosoted Materialism" and based on their practice they prove that in Bulgaria there is rule of law and that the Mafia rules as the court , the prosecutor's office, the state in Bulgaria. Prince Lord Prof. Momchil Dobrev in relation to his fight with this mafia even after 9 attempts to kill him and his family since 2011, he will continue to fight this mafia

Author Keywords:--genocide, law, mafia, corruption, theory, finance.

Exploitation Levels and Population Dynamics Analysis of Rock Lobster (Panulirus Ornatus)
Kasmawati, Hasrun, Muhammad Ikhsan Wamnebo, Muhammad Kasnir
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Level of utilization of Rock Lobster (Panulirus ornatus) resources found in Salemo Island waters, Kab. Pangkep South Sulawesi has not yet reached the Maximum Sustainable Yield level (Hasrun.2002), but if it is managed continuously without control over the use of non-environmentally friendly fishing gear it can result in overfishing. Rock Lobster is a resource that can be recovered, but without serious management it can disrupt the sustainability of the stock. Rock Lobster (Panulirus ornatus) is a marine biota that is widely used as a consumption commodity, both for the domestic market and for export needs). High market demand has the potential to reduce stocks in nature due to overfishing This research was conducted on March 1, 2022 C April 30, 2022 on Salemo Island, Kab. Pangkep Province of South Sulawesi. The number of rock lobster measured was all the catches of fishermen. The number of of rock lobster measured was all the catches of the maximum number of fishermen 275. Carapace length (cm) was measured using a vernier caliper with an accuracy of 0.1 cm.. dan Permen Kelautan dan Perikanan No.1 tahun 2015. Carapace length measurement starts from the spine above the eye to the tip of the carapace on the dorsal indentati, (Sparre et al.,1999). The weight of the of rock lobster was weighed using a digital scale with a capacity of 5 kg and an accuracy of 1 gram. Data analysis using the method Elefan I (Electronic Lenght Frequencys Assesment Tool) program FISAT II (Fao-Iclarm Fish Stock Assesment Tool). The results of this study indicate that the population dynamics of pearl rock lobster the first time it is caught is 8.25 cm with maximum carapace length 18.90 cm. Exploitation rate = 0,22/ year with criteria underfishing (E < 0,5) with utilization rate 22 % and allow upgrade up to 20 %.

Author Keywords:--Rock Lobster, Population Dynamics, Exploitation, Salemo Islan.

Looks like theres Some Light for Darkness Effect of Toxic Leadership on Job Satisfaction and Performance: The Moderating Role of Personality
Liliana Faria, Luis Andrade, Daniela Paredes
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The aim of this study was to examine the impact of toxic leadership on job satisfaction and job performance as well as the moderating effect of personality on these interactions. A total of 233 individuals with at least one hierarchical superior participated in the study. Data were collected on the toxic leadership scale, job performance scale, job satisfaction scale and ten-item personality inventory. The results partially confirm that toxic leadership (authoritarian leadership, self-promotion and abusive supervision) has a negative and significant impact on job satisfaction and job performance, with personality having a moderating role in these relationships. These findings highlight potential areas of future study.

Author Keywords:--Toxic Leadership, Job Satisfaction, Performance, Personality, Big Five.

Feasibility Study and Factors Influencing Salt Industry Production
Muhammad Kasnir, Muhammad Ikhsan Wamnebo, Kamil Yusuf, Harlina
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Background and Objective : Salt demand for industry and consumption has been a major problem for the world. Several producers such as Australia, India, New Zealand, Germany, and Indonesia have been supplying salt to meet world demand. However, Indonesia itself still imports 3,989 million tons salt and keep rising about 10 % per year. Technology and innovation for salt production are urgently needed. Methods and Materials:This study aimed to investigate the dissemination level of Ulil Filtered Technology (TUF) and geo-membrane technology and factors influencing salt production in Pangkep. Purposive sampling was performed for data collection. Regression analysis was applied. Revenue cost analysis (R-C ratio) was performed by using Gie formulation (1981). Break Event Point analysis (BEP) was applied according to sigit formulation (1979), and Pay Back Period (PBP) analysis was used based on Sagana formulation (2008). Results showed that salt farmers, who unfamiliar with TUF and geo-membrane technology ranged from 6.71 to 9.62%, fairly know (36.53 - 37.76%) and know to use TUF and geo-membrane technology (53.85 - 55.53%). Cost and technology significantly affected the salt production, including area and number of labors. The business feasibility study showed that Revenue Cost Ratio (1.98), Break Event Point (IDR 4,735,276), and Pay Back Period (1.9 years), respectively. Conclution : The dissemination of technological innovation both TUF and geo-membrane on salt farming is adequately understood and familiar by Pangkep community. In addition, Initial capital, land, labor and technologies significantly affect the salt production. Furthermore, salt farming is feasible to be developed in Pangkep regency.

Author Keywords:--Salt, production, adoption, innovation and technology.

Analysis of Neologism Process in Menfess of @convomf Autobase Account on Twitter
Ilma Sarah Zena, Ikhwan M. Said, Asriani Abbas
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Neologisms in social media emerge as a result of language change and development. The existence of neologisms provides convenience in communication practices for the community. This research aims to determine the forms of neologisms based on the process of word formation by Georgle Yule and to analyze the meanings of neologisms in menfess on the autobase @convomf account. Data was collected by applying the observation method, and data collection techniques were conducted by documentation techniques and distributing questionnaires. The results of this study indicate that there are eight types of word formation processes found, including borrowing, compounding, acronyms, coinage, blending, clipping, derivation, and multiple processes. In this research, the meaning of neologisms consists of new meanings derived from new words and changes in meaning from existing words. This research shows the diversity of language comprehension among social media users related to the neologism phenomenon.

Author Keywords:--word formation, neologism, autobase account, Twitter.