Volume 6 ~ Issue 2, March-April(2024)

Social Pension and Development: The Future Prospects of Universal Social Pension On Intergenerational Relations and Rural Development in Tanzania
Dr. Paskas Wagana
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Tanzania is experiencing demographic shifts with rising population of older people, majority of whom live in rural areas facing many social and economic challenges. In recent decades, international social policy has applauded social pension as a powerful policy tool in fighting against impoverishment among older generations. This article uses examples of family solidarity in rural areas in Tanzania to speculate how universal social pension will benefit family relations and foster rural development. The study is based on the analysis of 2012 data from a descriptive cross-sectional study, involving older people aged 60+ (n=968) in two rural districts in Mwanza region in Tanzania, to determine the potential effects of universal social pension on both family solidarity and development of rural areas. The analysis also incorporates results from SAUT Survey 2019 data (n=393) conducted in three regions of Tanzania: Arusha, Mtwara, and Mwanza. The results indicate that the family structure in which older people live has strong intergenerational family solidarity. Universal social pension income, which is associated with social and economic development, is significant in reducing poverty and inequalities, promoting health, nutrition, agriculture, and local markets that improve rural development.

Author Keywords:- Ageing, social pension, family solidarity, rural development, Tanzania

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This article addresses the issue of mixed/non-mixed schools at school and focuses in particular on the reality of Moroccan schools. The objective of this study is to analyze the perceptions of students, teachers and parents of gender diversity in the school environment. A qualitative and quantitative survey carried out in a Moroccan public sector college allows us to glimpse the process of education and otherness. We wonder about the mechanisms of gender diversity and whether it is formal diversity or real non-mixity. Our investigation sought to verify whether the gender diversity practiced in Morocco is truly based on an inclusive approach which contributes to equality between students or if it only consists of a facade of diversity.

Author Keywords:- Gender; Equality; Education; Diversity; Non-mixed.

A Comparative Study Between Terengganu andKedah Dialect in Malaysia at The Semantic Level
Prof. Dr Asem Shehadeh Ali, Prof. Dr. Mohamad Ahamad Alqudah, Nor Asiah binti Abdullah
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This study aims to investigate an analysis for a comparative study between Terengganu and Kedah dialect at thesemantic level. This study aims to present the nature of the dialect in Malaysia, Terengganu dialect and Kedahdialect with the theory of contrastive analysis, a comparison between two dialects at the semantic level, and toreveal the similarities and differences between the two dialects. The data was collected by using of primaryreferences from books and secondary references from research and articles published in the peer-reviewedjournal. Data and information were then analysed using the contrastive analysis method to discover thesimilarities and differences of Terengganu and Kedah dialect. The study relies on the contrastive analysis methodin preparing this research with the help of primary references from books and secondary references fromresearch and articles published in the peer-reviewed journal. The results shows that there are similarities anddifferences between the two dialects. In conclusion, the study presented relevant recommendations andsuggestions.

Author Keywords:- Terengganu, Kedah, Semantic level.

Medical Records and its Multi-Dimensional Roles:Political and Social Significance
HASSAN, Astrid Sinarti Ph.D
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Medical records are not only important in the healthcare setting, but to society at large due to theevolution of their primitive roles to other more versatile and flexible functions. Apart from their direct role inhealthcare provision, it is important to explore the potential social and political significance of medical recordsespecially in the context of widening access to patients of their medical records. Their primary role as part ofcommunicating and plan patient care from the compilation of pertinent facts of a patient's life and healthhistory, render medical records as a wealthy source of information that can be generated outside direct careprovision. In this review, the evolution of the roles of medical records are discussed beyond their initial role inthe planning and coordination of care between healthcare providers. Thus, known as a repository of informationand a treasure-trove of facts, medical records are inevitably open to different functions depending on how thisinformation are utilised with the potential of a wider outreach and influence in healthcare as well as society.

Author Keywords:- governmentality, medical records, art of government, system of communication.

Rustam, Muhammad Ikhsan Wamnebo
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Primary data includes physical and chemical parameters of the marine water environment. Secondary data collected from reports and related documents includes coastal and marine resource potential, climatological characteristics, bathymetry, substrate types, and related policies. From the results of the area analysis of the suitability value of water locations for the development of Barong shrimp mariculture in the waters of Barrang Caddi Island, it was found that it was 3.31 ha and 0.60 ha unsuitable. The results of the physical and chemical parameters of the waters are; (a) Physical parameters consist of: depth 4.10 m – 20.5 m, brightness 6.00 m - 8.20 m, current speed 0.14 m / sec - 0.39 m / sec (b). Chemical parameters consist of water temperature ranging from 27.0 ºC - 29.00 ºC, water salinity of 31.50 ppt - 35.20 ppt, (e). pH is 7.32 - 8.50. Evaluation results of the suitability value of waters for the development of Barong shrimp mariculture in Barrang Caddi Island waters covering an area of 3.31 Ha.

Author Keywords:- Barong shrimp, marine cultivation, water physics and chemistry

Generation Travel Behavior to Visit Tourism Destination
Octaviany, Vany, Mardiyana, Eva
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Tourist behavior between these two generations, namely Generation X and Generation Z, has significant differences, reflecting changes in values, preferences, and thought patterns that have developed over time. Understanding differences in tourist behavior ranging from destination selection, budget, and spending, traveler health, ease of accessibility, and digital and technological trends between generations x and y helps destinations and service providers to better adapt their strategies according to the preferences and expectations of each generation. This research aims to determine the differences in behavior between Generation X and Generation Z tourists using the Mann-Whitney Test research method. The data collection technique used in this research is distributing validated questionnaires to tourists who have visited tourist destinations in Greater Bandung. The sampling technique used was random sampling and the number of samples taken was 200 respondents consisting of 100 Generation X tourists and 100 Generation Z tourists. The research results show that there are significant differences in destination selection, budget and expenditure, and digital and technology trends between Generation X and Generation Z tourists. However, there are no significant differences in tourist health and ease of accessibility between Generation X and Generation Z.

Author Keywords:- tourist behavior; generation x; generation z; mann whitney; greater bandung.

Stone Jumping as A Tourism Object, In Bawomataluo Fau, Teluk Dalam, South Nias
Rosta Minawati, Rajudin, Enrico Alamo
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The South Nias Regency consists of thirty-five districts with a wide variety of racti resources and cultural practices. Perhaps the most prominent of these oral traditions, serving both ritual and entertainment purposes are Hoho (traditional choral singing), Maena (war dance), and Fahombo (stone jumping). The Fahombo has become the premiere icon of Nias culture. Fahombo embodies high philosophical values of its society passed on through generations. Fahombo is done by boys aged seven to twelve years as a rite of passage to prove their maturity. This article will discuss how this practice has become transformed to become a prominent tourist attraction

Author Keywords:- Tourism, culture, Fahombo, Teluk Dalam, Southern Nias Regency, Bawomataluo Fau

Design A Web-Based Manggarai Language Translator Application
Ihwana As’ada,Muhammad Arfah Asisa,Hariani Ma’tang Pakkaa,M. Anas Masaa,Tanridio Silviati Delfina Abdurrahmana, Alosius Firendianto Budia
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Technological developments have led a decline in the usage and knowledge of the Manggaraian language, one among many of Indonesian native languages. This research aims to address the aforemtioned issue by developing a web-based application that functions as a translator, facilitating communication with the Manggaraian people. The application employs the Sequential Search Algorithm for word search with a total vocabulary of 500 words sourced from the Manggarai Indonesian dictionary. The results demonstrate the application's effectiveness in translating words and sentences, allowing users to input text into the designated textbox and viewing the translated output in another textbox. Detailed translation information is also provided for an enhanced comprehension. The research emphasizes the importance of preserving the Manggaraian language, urging the younger of Manggarai generation to actively partake in its preservation to safeguard their native heritage. Furthermore, the implementation of the Sequential Search Algorithm proves to be practical and effective in the context of word search.

Author Keywords:- Manggarai language, translator application, Sequential Search, Web.

The Effect of Additioning Breaker Yeast (Saccharomyces Ceriviciae) In Feeding On the Vitality of Tila Fish Seeds (Oreochromis Niloticus) In The Rowing Phase
Andi Tamsil, Ilmiah, Muhammad Ikhsan Wamnebo, Yusril Nur
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This research aims to determine the effect of adding baker's yeast (S. cereviciae) to feed on the growth, survival and vitality of tilapia (O. niloticus). This research was carried out at the Biota and Environmental Engineering Laboratory, Faculty of Fisheries, Indonesian Muslim University from March to May 2022. This research was designed using a Completely Randomized Design, consisting of 4 treatments and three replications, namely treatment A Feed without the addition of bread yeast (control), treatment B Feed with the addition of 2% bread yeast, treatment C Feed with the addition of 4% bread yeast and treatment D Feed with the addition of 6% baker's yeast. The results of the research showed that absolute weight growth, absolute length growth and the highest survival were obtained in treatment B (2%) namely 0.27 cm, 2.17 cm, 93%. The vitality level shows that tilapia fry are able to adapt to a salinity of 0-15ppt.

Author Keywords:- Feed, baker's yeast, tilapia (O. niloticus), growth and survival.

The Influence of Visionary Leadership and Interprenure Competence of Madrasah Heads on the Formation of School Wellbeing in Mts. Wahid Hasyim 02 Dau Distric Malang
Suci Hidayati, M.Fahim Tharaba, Indah Aminatus Zuhriyah
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A good school is a school that is expected to be able to provide the best experience for its students so that a sense of love and pride in the school grows. The condition of the learning environment experienced by students at school can affect almost all aspects for the optimization of student functions at school. The concept of comfort, satisfaction and happiness will be able to prosper students, so that students can consciously follow the learning process well and enjoyably. This study uses a descriptive quantitative approach that aims to explain, (1) knowing the magnitude of the influence of visionary leadership on school well-being. (2) knowing the magnitude of the influence of the entrepreneurial competence of the head of the madrasah on school well-being, and (3) knowing the significant influence between visionary leadership and the entrepreneurial competence of the head of the madrasah on the formation of school well-being in MTs. Wahid Hasyim 02 Dau. The method used is a correlation carried out with the distribution of questionnaires. The results of the research obtained are (1) There is a significant influence between visionary leadership and the formation of school well-being in MTs. Wahid Hasyim 02 Dau is 0.020 less than the error level of 10%, (2) There is a significant influence between the entrepreneurial competence of the head of the madrasah and the formation of scholl well-being in MTs. Wahid Hasyim 02 Dau of 0.019 is less than the error rate of 10%, (3) There is a significant influence between visionary leadership and entrepreneurial competence of madrasah heads on the formation of school well-being with rosio odds values of 4,610 and 5,015 greater than the lowest category. The conclusion of the study, that an optimally developed leadership style can affect the level of student welfare. The concept of school well-being designed at MTs.Wahid Hasyim 02 Dau has been adapted to the religious culture of the community so that the madrasah gets support from the community.

Author Keywords:- Visionary Leadership, Entrepreneur Competencies, School Well-Being

The Impact of Gender Identity On Speech in Secondary School
Yassine NADI, Mouhcine AMRAOUI SAIDI
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our investigation addresses the issue of the impact of gender identity on speech in the qualifying secondary cycle, the case of a Moroccan high school. Our aim is to analyze the influence of gender diversity on young students speech in an educational context. An experiment carried out in a public high school in Casablanca, allowing the observation, interpretation and analysis of girls performances in mixed/unmixed situations. To remain objective in our research, we take into consideration the gender of the teacher in order to achieve fair and verifiable results. Overall, we have been able to answer some questions, but not others. Specifically, what has contrasted the differences in results between public and private classes, and more specifically the sociological contexts of our schools.

Author Keywords:-co-education, education, gender equality, linguistics, speaking out.

Buying Decision on Magazines and Language Barrier: Thai Actors’ Foreign Fans’ Behavior
Evi Thelia Sari
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During the pandemic people have been pushed back to do activities from home. The boredom arose and people tried to entertain themselves without going out of house or contacting physically with people. One of the chosen activities is watching movies through online movie streaming websites and applications. The foreign movies introduce the actors and create fandom to support the actors internationally. This study is phenomenological qualitative research which aims to describe the reasons behind buying decision on Thaiwritten magazines featuring Thai actors by non-Thai people regardless the language barrier they have. Twelve informants from various fandoms of famous Thai actors were asked about their motives to buy the magazines. After some online depth interviews, triangulation process and data reduction using NVIVO software. The results indicate that “collection purposes”, “like the edition”, “supporting the actors” and “just want to buy” are the reasons of them to buy the Thai-written magazine although they do not understand the Thai language. Instead of language barrier, the reason to stan the actors are also another issue discussed and assumed to have relationship with buying decision on the magazine.

Author Keywords:-Buying decision, Language barrier, Fans, Behavior, Magazine

The Inhabitant as an IoT Security Factor in a Smart Home
VASILESCU, Nicolae-Gabriel Ph. D
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The paper presents the importance of the residents in a smart home, the decisions and behavior they have in relation to smart devices inside or outside the IoT network. Ensuring the security of the home is given by several factors, including the people who manage and make decisions about what happens in the home. There are sensitive data, such as passwords, data about people, emails, wireless, sensors that in a secure system, but through a wrong management, can be exposed to different types of attacks from the outside. Even if technology is currently evolving at a fast pace, it is important that the inhabitants are also responsible and properly use all the tools they own so that there are no leaks of information, even more so in terms of privacy. People who live and coexist in a smart home influence the security of the home in a voluntary or involuntary way by using the existing smart devices properly or not.

Author Keywords:-inhabitant, IoT, privacy, security, smart home

Exile Between Dream and Reality: Comparing North African and African Literature
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L’allégorie du rêve et de la réalité qui sous-tend la problématique de l’exil chez Ben Jelloun et chez Fatou Diome oblige à dire que le paradis qui nourrit les rêves des uns ne se trouve nulle part ailleurs que chez soi-même, dans son propre pays. Pour véritablement revêtir ses belles couleurs, le rêve ne saurait occulter les réalités du terrain. Les faits observés concourent parfois à contredire ledit rêve au point de le rendre inopérant, inexistant. Le rêve d’immigrer clandestinement ou de façon légale ou pour regroupement familiale s’accompagne, en outre, d’une vague de compromissions qui hypothèquent à la fois l’avenir des jeunes Marocains et le développement du pays. Articulée autour du désenchantement, la réalité suscite chez l’immigré des sentiments neufs au regard de la désillusion qu’elle engendre. La fin du roman devient donc révélatrice d’une plus grande prise de conscience chez les rêveurs, tant le romancier amène les personnages à ne pas confondre leurs ambitions avec la réalité des faits. Ce faisant, il postule une reconfiguration des notions d’appartenance et d’identité en transformant son lieu d’origine au lieu de la quitter pour un hypothétique ailleurs.

Author Keywords:-L’exil, Le rêve, La réalité, Littérature maghrébine, Littérature africaine, Pays natal, Pays d’accueil.

Thinking in Complexity in The Moroccan Educational Environment
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This article deals with the issue of complex thinking in education and focuses in particular on the reality of the Moroccan school. The objective of this study is to analyze its process in the educational environment. A qualitative survey carried out in a Moroccan public sector secondary school makes it possible to reflect on this approach and verify the degree to which it has been implemented. We examine its impact on educational action in order to check whether schools are capable of anticipating and facing the uncertainties that govern our time.

Author Keywords:-Education; Thought; Complexity; Uncertainty

Representations 0f Gender in Straight From The Horse's Mouth of Meryem ALAOUI
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Women writers play a crucial role in thinking about gender and social issues. This is the case of Meryem Alaoui who offers in her novel, Straight From the Horse's Mouth, a rich and nuanced overview of the representation of gender in the city of Casablanca. The Moroccan metropolisis depicted as a complex space where gender roles are shaped, questioned and negotiated. The writer contributes to a deeper understanding of the social and cultural dynamics of this multifaceted city. This article aims to question inequalities and gender issues in this city. The analysis focuses on the representation of women and their place in Casablanca society, highlighting the challenges they face, as well as the strategies of resistance and emancipation they adopt.

Author Keywords:-Gender relations, literary representations, city

Operationalization of The Decentralized Policy Framework in Uganda: An Examination of the Key Milestones & Challenges
George Mugavu, Abel Mucunguzi
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Decentralization in Uganda has been considered one of the most instrumental and partly successful policies amongst most of the policies that have been implemented under the National Resistance Movement Government. This is attributed to a well streamlined governance structure with connected checks and balances in case of any breach of the rules of procedure of implementation on providing services by a particular individual or individuals working or acting in a particular local government office. Of course there are governance challenges notably corruption, bribery and embezzlement of funds, political pressures and patronage all of which deter local governments from achieving their set goals and objectives. In this paper we attempt to review and assess the governance of the decentralization policy in Uganda concentrating on the key milestones and failures.

Author Keywords:-Governance, Decentralization, Policy, Milestones, Challenges, Uganda.

Student Argumentative Text in Case-Based Learning
Ida Nuraeni, Risvirenol
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Scientific development requires every academic person to continue to develop self-abilities that are in line with the goals of lectures, one of which is the ability to be argumentative. This ability is very necessary so that students can think critically in academics. Argumentative writing in a written work must be developed using appropriate learning methods, one of which is the CBL method (case learning method). This learning method has the characteristic of presenting cases that require students to think critically to find solutions to the cases presented. Argumentative abilities in CBL provide opportunities for students to analyze data logically. In casebased learning, data is presented in the form of complex facts and problems to stimulate students to discuss and explore their abilities. This discussion and exploration activity aims to enable students to determine the right solution. This is where an argumentative role is needed. Therefore, students' argumentative writing skills need to be developed through case-based learning. The purpose of this study was to describe student argumentative texts in case-based learning. The research method used is the descriptive-qualitative method. The purpose of this method is to provide an overview of students' ability to write argumentative texts in casebased learning. The results of the study prove that students can compose argumentative texts through casebased learning. The characteristics of student argumentative texts are indicated by components: statements, evidence, and conclusions.

Author Keywords:-argumentative text, case-based learning

Motivational Packages and Welfarism on Workers’ Productivity at TISCO Nigeria Limited
OGUNRO, Victor Olukayode (Ph.D.), OLORUNFEMI, Ifedayo Ade, FOLARIN, Kehinde Samuel
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The welfare of employees is a fundamental aspect of human resource management as it is vital to influencing commitment to the actualization of goal in both private and public service organizations. Literature reviewed showed that researches largely focus on private organizations. This study is on the effects of welfare on employee commitment in a public service organization with focus on the Tisco Nigeria Limited. The Elton Mayor’s Theory underpins this study. 56 sample size was drawn using stratified sampling technique and a structured five-point Likert rating scale questionnaire was administered to gather responses. The data gathered was analysed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences v26. The outcome of the study shows that even though there are spelt out welfare packages in Tisco Nigeria Limited workers at the firm', employees of the Tisco Nigeria Limited do enjoy these privileges at the same time; at various times employee members have benefited. It was equally revealed that some welfare were not denied members of the employees, but not sufficient to affect their commitment. Although, study further shows employees strongly agreed that welfare has significant effect on employees' commitment. This paper recommends among others that since training and development is significantly related to workers’ productivity, staff training and development should be given the utmost priority and encouraged as a deliberate policy in order to enhance a very high productivity of workers and, as well, promote self-fulfillment.

Author Keywords:-Motivational Packages, Welfarism, Productivity, Employee, Performance

Change In The Shadows: Microprocesses Negotiate Unplanned Structural Transformation In A Japanese Business Group
Zsuzsanna Járfás PhD
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How do actors negotiate unplanned structural changes in mature and complex environments? These organizations are known to resist change and, are likely locked in a state of hyperstability by their embedded structures & processes. This paper draws on an exploratory study conducted in the shipping industry of Japan. The findings substantiate that change is an inherent organizational reality achieved by the integration of stability & volatility within and across aspects of the organizational design. Microprocesses serve as conduits for this integration: stability is reconciled with volatility by embedding microprocesses. This enables members negotiate changes without disrupting the organization. A framework is developed on the knowledge production of change and the integration of stability & volatility in the organizational design. Implications on strategic HRM are discussed, its role in system-wide integration and maintenance of an emergent balance.

Author Keywords:-Organizational change, organizational design, microprocesses, ambiguity, strategic HRM

Influence of African Time Syndrome On Employees’ Performance in an Organization
ADEYEFA, Princewill Oluwafemi (Ph.D.), Folagbade ADEGBOLA, Emmanuel-Adeyefa, OLAYINKA I
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Effective time management is a pointer to employees’ performance and organizational productivity, and the bases for increased output in recent times. This study examined the effect of time management on employees’ performance in SUBEB, Ondo State, Nigeria. The study was guided by specific objectives namely; to evaluate the problem of time management on productivity of Ondo State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB); and to determine the effect of African time syndrome on employees’ performance of Ondo State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB). The study employed quantitative method, gather data through structured questionnaires and analysed with chi-square and regression techniques. The findings of the study discovered that, there was significant relationship of time management (TM) and employees’ performance (EP) in Ondo State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) in Ondo state and also, significant difference in the involvement of time management through effective duties delivery on employee performance (EP) in Ondo state as was stated, also, there was a negative significant effect of African time syndrome on the notion that delaying system on employee productivity cannot cause adverse effect at long run on Ondo State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB). The study concluded that, effective time management reduces failure and improve effectiveness in the system of an organisation with recommendations that, Procrastination can be overcome through avoiding habits that lead to procrastination, problems such as fear, anxiety, poor time management, evaluation of goals strengths and weakness set priorities, reinforce preset goals so that they can be balanced and achievable. Time management is the best key used in overcoming procrastination.

Author Keywords:-Management, Time Management, Productivity, SUBEB, Organizations

Human Capital Development and Economic Growth in Nigeria
Okoli, Uju Victoria, Ezenwobi, Ngozi Flourence, Onugha, Chinwendu Benedette
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This study examines human capital development and economic growth in Nigeria. The specific objectives of the study were to measure the impact of the components of human development index [life expectancy, education index and Gross National Income (GNI) index] on economic growth in Nigeria with the aid of secondary macroeconomic data sourced from World Bank Development Indicators (WDI) covering a period of 32 years (1990-2022). The method of analysis employed was the Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) technique using Life Expectancy, Adult Literacy, Primary School Enrollment, Gross National Income, Population Growth, and Gross Fixed Capital Formation as independent variables independent variables with Gross Domestic Product as the dependent variable. The estimated model shows that Life Expectancy and Adult Literacy have positive and insignificant impact on economic growth while School Enrollment Primary, Gross National Income and Gross Fixed Capital Formation have significant impact on economic growth in Nigeria. The study recommends that Nigeria government should ensure structural reforms on health and education through training and proper education to enable individuals to have the skills, knowledge and experience that will improve their productivity and in turn have a positive impact on economic growth in Nigeria.

Author Keywords:-Human Development Index, Economic Growth, OLS.

Examining the Disparities of INA CBG's: Unveiling the Actual Cost using Activity-Based Costing as a Cost Containment Strategy (Systematic Literature Review)
Deni T. Sugiarto, Mohammad Roziq
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This systematic literature review delves into the intricacies of healthcare cost disparities by scrutinizing the differences between actual costs and Indonesia's Case-Based Groups (INA CBG) standard costs. Focused on the application of Activity-Based Costing (ABC) as a strategic cost containment approach, this research aims to provide a comprehensive synthesis of existing knowledge in the field. As healthcare systems strive for financial transparency and equity, the disparities between INA CBG standards and actual costs pose critical challenges. Our systematic literature review navigates through a wealth of scholarly contributions, offering insights into the complexities and potential solutions associated with this disjunction. The findings reveal a nuanced landscape where statistical evaluations demonstrate significant differences in some instances while remaining nonsignificant in others. Beyond statistical significance, the real-world implications of these differences demand careful consideration by governmental bodies and stakeholders. By meticulously analysing the literature, we unravel the potential of ABC as a proactive cost containment strategy, shedding light on its capacity to bridge the gap between INA CBG standards and actual costs. Through this exploration, we seek to contribute actionable insights for policymakers, healthcare administrators, and researchers, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in the pursuit of just and sustainable healthcare financing systems.

Author Keywords:-Disparities, INA CBGs, Activity-Based Costing (ABC), Cost Containment