Volume 5 ~ Issue 5, September-October (2023)

Gaps in the Implementation of Blended Education in Higher Learning Institutions in Zambia
Pethias Siame, Jive Lubbungu, Joseph K. Hachintu
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The paper problematizes the major gaps higher learning institutions in Zambia face during the implementation of blended learning. A qualitative approach and document review methodology were used to collect and analyze information. Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge (TPACK) theory, Diffusion of Innovation Theory, and the Community of Inquiry (CoI) model were used to underpin the study. The documents on blended learning in general and Zambia, in particular, were reviewed to arrive at the prevailing gaps. The study reveals the following gaps in the implementation of blended learning in higher learning institutions in Zambia: lack of capacity building to enable stakeholders to handle blended teaching and learning efficiently and effectively, lack of capacity (manpower) to foster blended education, lack of infrastructure and equipment, insecurity of information communication technology (ICT) systems, high cost of running blended learning such as ICT charges, and lack of national policy on blended learning. The study recommends complete support of blended education by higher learning institutions backed by the Higher Education Authority.

Author Keywords:- Blended learning, delivery modes, gaps, higher learning institutions, Zambia

Translation Strategies of Euphemism, Orthophemism, and Dysphemism in Euphoria TV Series
Dyah Mustikasari, Rahmanti Asmarani, Jumanto Jumanto
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This study aims to find out the words and phrases in the English and Indonesian subtitles in the Euphoria TV Series that represent euphemism, orthophemism, and dysphemism, and the translation strategies employed. The researcher used the qualitative approach in conducting this study because the subject of analysis is a TV Series. From the research, it is found that there are 3 or 5.34% euphemisms, 41 dysphemism or 73.21%, and 12 or 21.42% orthophemism. There are 5 translation strategies, those are 18 or 32.14% general word, 11 data or 19.64% less expressive word, 16 data or 28.57% cultural substitution, 2 data or 3.57% paraphrase using unrelated word, and 9 data or 16.07% omission. There are 3 translation strategies that are not used by the translator in translating the dialogue in Euphoria TV Series, those are loan word, paraphrase by using related word, and illustration. From this result, the dialogue in Euphoria TV Series contains taboos that are sexist, offensive, harassing, and even vulgar. The translator used several strategies to translate the English conversation into Indonesian subtitle. This is because the most frequently mentioned language expression is dysphemism, which often uses vulgar and straightforward words or phrases. Therefore, the translation into Indonesian will be closer to a general word strategy to ensure easy understanding for Indonesian audiences.

Author Keywords:-Dysphemism, euphemism, orthophemism, taboo, translation strategies.

Non-Verbal Creativity and Intellectual Challenges
Dr. Aazra Nuh, Dr. Amalendu Paul
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In the present study the investigators made an attempt to study non-verbal creativity of Intellectually Challenged Students with respect to medical disorders causing intellectual challenges (like Mental Retardation/Intellectual Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy). Fifty learners with intellectual challenges from two special schools in Kolkata region were selected by purposive sampling technique. In this study, 'Non-Verbal Test of Creative Thinking'(NVTCT-M), developed by Dr. Baqer Mehdi, was used. The study revealed that types of medical disorders causing intellectual challenges has significant impact on elaboration, originality and total non-verbal creativity of students with intellectual challenges. It is expected that this study, though small, would make significant contribution to the field of education in general and special education in particular. Besides, it might prove beneficial to psychiatrists, neurologists and researchers in the field of creativity, medical science and neuroscience. Apart from this, the present study is very relevant today at a time when NEP 2020 and the recent UNESCO State of the Education Report for India 2021 have laid emphasis on the education of individual learners including those with special needs.

Author Keywords:-Non-verbal creativity, Intellectual challenges, Types of medical disorders causing intellectual challenges, Intellectually challenged students

Navigating the Inclusive Education Landscape: Issues and Challenges in Special Education Integration
Parul, Chandan, Vidyanand Malik
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This research paper aims to explore the issues and challenges associated with the integration of special education into inclusive education settings. As educational systems worldwide increasingly strive to provide equal opportunities for all students, the debate surrounding inclusive education has gained prominence. However, the successful inclusion of students with disabilities remains a contentious issue. This paper will explore the multifaceted aspects of this debate, including the benefits and drawbacks, policy implications, teacher preparedness, and the impact on students with and without disabilities. By critically examining the various perspectives, this paper seeks to contribute to a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in achieving a truly inclusive educational environment.

Author Keywords:-Inclusive education, special education, integration, challenges, benefits, policy, students with disabilities, equal opportunities.

Occupational Safety and Health (K3) Program in Improving Employee Productivity through Employee Work Discipline
Nisma Iriani, A.M. Taufik Parajai, Rostini, Wahyudi Putera, Abd. Rasyid.R
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This study aims to explain and analyze the effect of occupational safety and health programs on employee productivity through employee discipline to bridge the gap. The population in this study were employees of PT Wisma Karya Andalas totaling 300 employees. The sample used in this study were all employees of PT Wisma Karya Andalas amounting to 300 employees / respondents, using area sampling or multi-stage sampling, namely the use of several random sampling methods simultaneously in a study efektof and efficient. The analysis technique used for hypothesis testing is to apply the method (Path Analysis) using the help of the SPSS Ver.-2023 For IOS (Mac) software program. The results showed that the occupational safety and health program indirectly (indirect effect) had a significant effect on employee discipline. Furthermore, occupational safety and health programs directly (direct effect) have a significant effect on employee productivity. And employee discipline both directly and indirectly (direct and indirect effect) has a significant effect on employee work productivity.

Author Keywords:-Occupational Safety and Health Program, Employee Work Discipline and Employee Work Productivity

Intercountry Multiliteracy Program (Unismuh Makassar, Indonesia - Association of Education Cultural International (AECI) Thailand) Through Technology Approach Based on Infinite Architecture Web Application (IA Tech) and Virtual Reality Exploration
Syahban Nur, Wahyuddin, Hamzah, Niyameelah tamanga
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The state of low literacy has an impact on knowledge and understanding of cultural literacy. The impact of the declining awareness of preserving local cultural literacy is the loss of identity and identity of a nation. Therefore, it is necessary to increase public awareness, especially the younger generation, about the importance of understanding literacy including cultural literacy and technological literacy. Optimization of Technology Based on Infinite Architecture Web Applications (IA Tech) and Virtual Reality Exploration is one solution through the concept of developing multiliteracy understanding between technology and culture, the current technological advances are very advanced and become a tool for cultural recognition through the concept of virtual reality by presenting real views in different dimensions, Virtual Reality puts forward the concept of Interaction, and Imagination, this is the basis for increasing understanding of multiliteracy so that it can contribute to increasing literacy.

Author Keywords:-Multiliteracy, Virtual reality, Literacy

Investigation of Alcohol Use in Adult Forensic Cases Exposed to Sexual Abuse
Dr. Cihangir Işık, Dr. Şeyda Öztuna
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It is known that sexual abuse applications to Forensic Medicine Institutions are common in Turkey. Although a large number of studies on sexual abuse have been conducted in the national and international literature, it is thought that the effect of alcohol use on sexual abuse has not been sufficiently focused. Therefore, in this study, it was aimed to support scientific knowledge by examining the effect of alcohol use on sexual abuse, age, time elapsed between the time elapsed after exposure to sexual abuse, physical violence findings and time elapsed after the incident and vaginal findings. The data of 40 female cases aged 18 and over who were exposed to sexual abuse who were vaginally examined at the Forensic Medicine Outpatient Clinic of Balıkesir Atatürk City Hospital between 01 November 2021 and 30 September 2022 were retrospectively analyzed. The 40 cases included in the study were in 2 groups: 20 women who were sexually abused immediately after alcohol use and 20 women who were sexually abused without alcohol use; The mean age, the time elapsed between the time between admission to the outpatient clinic, the findings of physical violence and the time elapsed after the incident, and vaginal findings were evaluated. The obtained data were analyzed with SPSS V23. The mean age of the cases included in the study was 27.67 years. It was determined that the average time elapsed between the time of sexual abuse and the time of application to the Forensic Medicine Outpatient Clinic after exposure to sexual abuse was 3.9 days. While 30% of those who were sexually abused without alcohol use had signs of physical violence, it was noted that this rate was 15% in women who were sexually abused immediately after alcohol use. In women who were exposed to sexual abuse, vaginal findings were detected in 5 people in the first 24 hours after the incident, while vaginal findings were not detected on the 21st day. Blood alcohol levels of 20 patients who were sexually abused immediately after alcohol use were found to be 2.1 and above in 3 women. It is thought that alcohol may facilitate sexual abuse and reduce some findings in individuals who are exposed to abuse due to its effect on the body. It is recommended that individuals be informed about sexual abuse and situations that may affect sexual abuse, introduce the resources they will receive help and support, and increase their awareness of the physical and psychological consequences of sexual abuse.

Author Keywords:-Forensic Case, Alcohol Use, Sexual Abuse, Risk

Introduction Of Local Culture Between Indonesia - Thailand Through Media-Based Infiniti Architecture and Virtual Web Applications 3D Modeling Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Screen Mirroring
Dian Pramana Putra, Wahyuddin, Reangchai Pungen
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Indonesia is one of the countries in the world that has a lot of cultural heritage, local culture is an asset of the Indonesian Nation that must receive attention, especially in the current era of Globalization. National culture is an important part of the Indonesian state that can be developed and managed as well as possible, introducing culture to the international arena is the obligation of all of us. Based on these problems, the solution offered is in the form of technological media including virtual web 3D Modeling Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and screen mirroring, the introduction of Indonesian and Tahiland local culture with media based on 3D Modeling web applications is a process of utilizing and improving the function of one of the technology developers from Basic Technology consisting of Kubity products that provide services in the form of 3D Modeling viewers, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Screen Mirroring functions, this series of technologies is an access to introduce culture to the international scene as a form of service on an international scale. The method used in the method used in the implementation of the program is through a participatory approach in the sense that the proposing team and partners are proactively involved in each activity. The proposing team and partners are actively involved in identifying the needs or solutions to the problems to be solved. Furthermore, the proposing team designed and made technological media in the form of technological media including virtual web 3D Modeling Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and screen mirroring which were implemented to Eakkapa Sasanawich Islamic School located in Thailand as partners in this program.

Author Keywords:-Augmented Reality_2; Culture_3; Media_4; Virtual Reality

Music in Liturgy as an Element of Participation
Chrispine Ouma Nyandiwa
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